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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food

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About Tomorrow's Harvest

**Note: Upon latest inspection, Tomorrow’s Harvest is out of business. Below is the review about the company we had previously written.**

In our last review we said Tomorrow’s Harvest looks a lot like Daily Bread except with different colors and logos. They used to employ a summer sales force that mainly works in the western United States. And, they used to resell Mountain House freeze-dried food mixed with cheaper dehydrated food. Tomorrow’s Harvest even used to package its food storage products in similar 3, 6, and 12-month offerings.

However, in the last year we have seen a steady decline in overall quality from Tomorrow’s Harvest. The company used to really promote its private label brand, but now it seems content to just resell others’ food such as Mountain House. The website looks like something your neighbor kid put together over the weekend.

In short, we don’t have very much confidence in this company and would advise you to purchase food storage and emergency products elsewhere. Tomorrow’s Harvest doesn’t publish much company information on their website, and that’s usually a big, red flag. The shopping cart also says “Call for Price” on all of the products, so you know something is off. There are too many other reputable companies selling similar products to risk your money on Tomorrow’s Harvest.


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Quick Summary

Tomorrow’s Harvest was a reseller of other food storage brands such as Wise Food Storage and Mountain House. We did not recommend buying products from Tomorrow’s Harvest. Upon latest inspection, the company has gone out of business.

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