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The Ready Project


Lindon, Utah

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food

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Original manufacturer


About The Ready Project

The Ready Project is one of the few companies that actually manufactures its own food storage rather than just reselling others’ (though it is also a reseller of Mountain House brand). They source quality freeze-dried base components from reputable farms and then mix ingredients at their own facility. In their own words:

“The Ready Project Food Storage meals and beverages are made by state-of-the-art blending of the best foods in the market which allows for tasty and nutritious meals that are simple to prepare and can be stored for up to 15 years if stored in a dry, cool environment. The compact size of our Series Pack buckets make it easy for them to fit under beds, in cupboards, and pantries. Calories are based on a 2000 calories per day diet. The Ready Project is great for family emergencies, camping, hunting and fishing, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornado, pandemics, etc….It is also an excellent value for every day meals.”

The Ready Project achieved a lot of success with its auto-delivery program that lets you buy a little each month. However, you can buy all of their packages directly from their website.

The Ready Project private labels through two brands: Lindon Farms and Chef’s Banquet. The Chef’s Banquet brand is also sold in  traditional retail outlets although you can get the best deal by buying online.

Besides food storage, The Ready Project sells a wide range of emergency preparedness supplies and even food storage for pets! Yes, The Ready Project’s Pet’s Banquet brand of pet food storage lasts for 15 years.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, Chef’s Banquet meals from The Ready Project are a good value for the money. We have personally been in The Ready Project’s manufacturing facility and found it on par with other leading food storage manufacturers.


    1 out of 5


    I have sent multiple emails in checking about my order. No answer. They billed me almost the moment I ordered the product. Nothing about the order other than an email they got it. That was 4 weeks ago. Frustrating.



      Don — thanks for letting our readers know about your experience with The Ready Project. Sorry you’ve had such trouble.

    1 out of 5


    Tried the product and it was so salty I could not stand it! Then read the label closely and it is NOT correct. Says 363 g sodium, “0%” of your daily value. website says 363 g is 15% of DV. If that is wrong, what else is wrong on this label? Is 363 gr really all there is? Tastes like more. Also how is a product with cheddar and blue cheese only 3 g fat and 1 g saturated fat? And I don’t believe there can be 3g fiber either. The whole thing is so suspect that I am throwing it out!!!!

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Quick Summary

The Ready Project sources raw freeze-dried ingredients and makes all of their own freeze-dried and dehydrated meals. The Ready Project provides good value and is one of the fastest growing food storage companies.

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