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With so many conflicting “marketing” messages in the  preparedness industry, researching and selecting the proper food storage and emergency supplies is almost impossible. We’ve dedicated this site to cutting through the confusion and giving you an honest assessment of all top vendors and products—so you can prepare yourself with all the essentials needed to survive any emergency.   Compare top brands

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We do not have a financial stake in any of the companies we review. In fact, we pride ourselves in remaining unbiased so we can help you make an honest decision when it comes to emergency preparedness. However, we do have affiliate relationships with any company that sponsors an affiliate program—which allows us to sell some products directly on this site, often at slightly lower prices. So whether you buy from us or them, it’s your choice.  Shop now

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While most food storage companies offer a “calculator” to help you determine which package to buy, the results are often pre-programmed based on number of people and how long your food will last. We understand there are many other variables that go into making an investment of this importance. Our recommendations are based on the things that matter most for you, so your results are a perfect fit. Calculate the right products for you