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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food

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About Legacy Food Storage

The good news about Legacy food storage is the company is not shy about comparing itself to the competition. Across 21 categories, the company shows you why they are as good as or better than companies such as Daily Bread, Wise Foods, and Emergency Essentials. For example, they offer free shipping on any order over $98, which is pretty good.

Some of the highlights of Legacy Food Storage are all of their products are now 100% certified GMO free. Genetically modified organisms are a growing concern, and Legacy Food Storage decided to use only GMO free ingredients in every single product they produce. Also, the sodium content has been reduced by as much as 50% in most of their products. In summary, Legacy Food Storage products now have no MSG, yeast extract, hydrogenated oils, caramel color, or artificial flavors. It looks like their focus and goal is to provide the most healthy product in the industry.

Just last year, Legacy Food Storage updated its website and rolled out a brand new product line. Although you can’t buy products at, you can buy them at or

Our Opinion

We believe Legacy Food Storage has a good product. Its roots are in Bear Creek Country Kitchens that has quite a good reputation for quality food products. We do believe the company shows a bit of puffery in their product claims, such as certified GMO free, which may be tough to actually verify.

Avg. Customer Review

6 reviews for Legacy Food Storage

    5 out of 5


    I started out purchasing their mega-sample kit (183 servings) for $280 and I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of what I got for my investment. Each main meal constitutes four servings and the servings are very substantial and very tasty. I know some internet [email protected]$$es say that in the end – taste doesn’t really matter but I know (from experience) that quality of life has a direct and substantial effect on morale and dedication. I think 183 servings for $280 is an excellent deal (but not all these servings are main course meals – included are sides, drinks and snacks) and what I found very interesting is the amount of carbs and protein (even from their powder milk/whey or their fortified orange/apple juices). Even the drinks and small snacks provide the life-sustaining nutrition necessary in survival situations. My only knock against the food is that it is all noodle and soup dishes HOWEVER, in doing a little more research into all of the other companies – this is true across the board. You can store a freeze-dried burrito or alternative for 25 years. Legacy does provide options to buy meats like pork, chicken and beef (that can be reconstituted) so you can make meals like that from scratch with the basics (although you will have to be the one to make the breads – or in this case – tortillas and salsas). I have yet to stock up on these though. Of the meals that I’ve made – I was extremely impressed with what I had. I’ve sampled meals from six different 25+ year storage companies and Legacy was, by far, the best tasting. The rest all seemed like a tasteless paste with soggy noodles, bits of soy “meat” and small portions. Legacy foods provides large portions of good-tasting foods that one could make and consume on any regular day. They make good on everyone of their claims and I would recommend them to anyone.


    Mat Lengyel

    1 out of 5


    I just tasted my first Legacy Foods (the strogamoff) you have got to be kidding!
    It is just some noodles (admitidly a generous portion) with some rather bad tasting flavoring on it. Worse than Kraft Mac and cheese. I would rather store up bags of top ramin, yikes !!! these guys that say its good are either working for the company or are siting on their taste buds.



    I have tried 3 of these now, and the kids liked the first two. My wife and I thought that they were pretty bland. Keep the salt and pepper handy. I think that is why the kids liked them–they would go back for seconds and thirds; however, we tried our third one tonight. It didn’t go that well.

    Specifically, we tried creamy ala king tonight. Here are the issues:
    1. The only real visible vegetables were peas and carrots. If there is supposed to be mushrooms in this, they were virtually non-existent.
    2. It smelled like you were boiling sweaty socks. The first thing the kids did when I invited them up for dinner was to plug their nose and open the doors to the house. My kids aren’t that picky of eaters.
    3. It just went downhill from there. The two oldest (13 and 9) would barely touched it. The 7 year old ate his portion, but it took quite a while. Finally, the 5 year old had just a few spoon fulls of food to eat. When trying to feed him a bite (he ate a couple of bites before it), he threw up. Well, that pretty much ruined it for everybody.
    4. Everyone was complaining of not feeling well after eating it. I don’t know, however, if this was due to their little brother throwing up at the table while they were all struggling to put this stuff down.

    Honestly, I think I would have been better off purchasing a food dehydrator and just freeze dry our own meals. These aren’t that great in my opinion. They will keep you alive, but I would say they are no frill meals. You eat them to fill your stomach and then go and find something you would like to do to make it an enjoyable day. The creamy ala king isn’t very good at all.



    I tried two packs so far. Not impressed. I fact, it’s terrible stuff. I bought a years supply and would like to return it!!



      Sorry you had a bad experience with Legacy Food Storage. Give them a call and let them know: (888) 524-4185.



    I have tried two of the meals now, they are horrible. A person above said that the ala king smelled like dirty socks… he is so right and it tasted even worse! I do not recommend the alleged chef that makes these meals… the pineapple dish is equally as bad…. I have a whole bucket of these not even sure if the homeless shelter would have them!

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Quick Summary

Legacy Food Storage sells under a few different names including Prepare Wise and Buy Emergency Foods. Legacy Food Storage claims to have superior products to its competitors, and it isn’t shy about presenting head-to-head comparisons. The company has roots in Bear Creek Country Kitchens, which produces great-tasting soups and pastas.

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3.00 out of 5

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