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Food Storage Chef

Around 2009

Sandy, Utah

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food

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About Food Storage Chef

**UPDATE: Food Storage Chef is now out of business**

In our last review we weren’t very complimentary of Food Storage Chef. It seemed like yet another fly-by-night food storage company that was quickly thrown together to capitalize on the increased awareness in food storage. Now it seems the company has got its act together in terms of professionalism, display, and food quality.

When evaluating a company, it’s important to look at a company’s website to see how much information they disclose. The less trusted companies offer very little information and try to hide behind total servings rather than calories. The Food Storage Chef does an admirable job of prominently displaying all of the ingredient and calorie information for all of their meals.

Unfortunately, the Food Storage Chef has some puffery claims that are almost comical. In their “Guarantee Section” they ask “How many companies have a certified chef at the helm?” First of all, that’s entirely irrelevant. Second, Food Storage Chef just resells other companies’ food, so the fact they have a panel of chefs at the helm doesn’t mean much.

Also, watch out for the guarantee of a 30-year shelf life. Mountain House is the only one that has been producing freeze-dried food for that long, and they only guarantee 25 years. Sure, it will probably last 30-35 years, but nobody should be slapping a guarantee on it.

Our Opinion

In conclusion, although we recommend buying from a more established food storage company, we do not have any specific complaints with Food Storage Chef. The company has a range of products to choose from and is moderately priced.


    1 out of 5


    This company uses used car sales tactics to get yoiiu to order. then if yoiu change your mind they dump in on your door step and brag about it!
    The product is smelly, unstable and decidedly not fit for the rats that gathered around it.
    The product is not well made, tastes lousy and will not even look good on a plate!
    their business techniques are very caveman in reality.
    The staff is not friendly at all and abusive if yo8u disagree with them!

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Quick Summary

Food Storage Chef was a reseller of wholesale freeze-dried and dehydrated food storage. Food Storage Chef prided itself on its “gourmet” taste and touted a 30-year shelf life on its foods. It’s now out business.

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