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California Earthquake Authority Recommends Having a Two-Week Supply of Food Storage

We always get a smile on our face when we see government agencies finally recognize what preppers and ordinary citizens with common sense have known for years. In the latest case of “government doesn’t always know what’s best, or is at least, late to the party” the California Earthquake Authority recommends each citizen get at least a two-week supply of food and water. We applaud this decision from the “Authority” and hope it makes at least a few more people aware.Get prepared with an earthquake prepraredness plan

The California Earthquake Authority starts its statement by saying, “We’re in this together, Southern California.” That’s code for “we probably won’t be able to help you once a real earthquake strikes, so you better take care of yourself.” Remember, time after time throughout our history, people have not been able to count on the government for help following a natural disaster. Even in Hurricane Sandy along the east coast there were people without food, water, and shelter for weeks afterward.

The California Earthquake Authority continues by saying you need to:

  • Get a kit
  • Make a plan
  • Be informed

You can read the entire article here. Of course, if you are serious about getting a two-week supply of food and water in case of earthquake or other emergency, we recommend you start here at Food Storage Reviewer. First, determine what kind of food storage best fits your needs. Then decide on a water purification system.

We don’t care what it takes to get people serious about getting prepared. If it takes a California earthquake agency press release to do the trick, then so be it. Just remember that disasters will always strike, and you won’t be able to rely on the government to bail you out.

Best wishes,

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