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Wise Company (Wise Food Storage)


Salt Lake City, Utah

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Freeze-dried and dehydrated food; emergency products

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Original manufacturer


About Wise Food Storage

Wise Food Storage is a quality reseller that stresses customer service and simplicity. At first, it may be hard to distinguish Wise Company Food Storage from other brands such as Daily Bread or Food Insurance. That’s because Wise Company uses many of the same successful advertising and marketing tactics such as getting conservative talk radio endorsements.

HoMarie Osmond with Wise Foodswever, don’t let this turn you off to Wise. In fact, it should turn you on. By knowing they don’t have as big of an advertising budget as Daily Bread, Wise Company does a lot of things to make up for the marketing-generated perception gap. This includes packaging their food in mylar pouches stored in buckets rather than in #10 cans. This makes it easier to store and eliminates the need to hurry and use up the food once you crack open a #10 can. Wise Company also uses a best of breed approach. Certain ingredients set up and taste better when freeze-dried (vegetables, fruits, meats) while others do better through dehydration. In these cases, dehydrated ingredients offer all the benefits and better value than foods that have been freeze-dried.

Wise Company “wisely” invested in is own manufacturing facility a few years ago and can control the quality and availability of the supply chain. This means the company is not beholden to others when it comes to delivering their products. Wise has also recently developed a “black line” product that has better food and 50% less sodium. Make sure you look for the black buckets on this site and at since retailers such as Amazon are selling the older, beige buckets at a discount.

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Our Opinion

In our opinion, Wise Company Food Storage has quickly become the dominant player in the food storage industry, and you will definitely be happy with the quality and service you get from them. In fact, quite a few other food storage resellers are starting to resell Wise Food Storage products.


Avg. Customer Review

11 reviews for Wise Company (Wise Food Storage)

    3 out of 5


    “Not as big of an advertising budget as Daily Bread?”

    You are basically saying Pepsi doesn’t spend as much advertising as much as Coca Cola… both are WAY high compared the rest of the industry.



      Shawn, you are correct that both companies have massive ad budgets relatively speaking. I can remember the days when the most advertising you would see in emergency preparedness was a newsletter or a booth at a survivor conference. Things have and are changing. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future Food For Health and Wise will have advertising budgets that will exceed that of Daily Bread/Food Insurance.

      Keep up the good work over at your site!

    5 out of 5


    Just tried the Wise Beef and Noodles in Mushroom Gravy and thought it to be VERY GOOD and I will try more of their products when money allows. I would recommend them for sure if the one product I tried is like all their others.

    1 out of 5


    Tried three samples from them and all three got me sick. They use TVP and I must not be ok with it. Not on my list. Plus cost per calorie is higher then most others that don’t use TVP.



      Mike — sorry to hear that did not sit well with you. Have you found a product that you personally prefer?

    1 out of 5


    I thought I had done my research well enough and opted to go with Wise Foods. I placed the order but recalled that when I spoke with the company before the told me that your best deals come from calling in as opposed to ordering online. When I called in they simply wanted to sell me more. The wouldn’t even talk about pricing unless I added more to my order.
    Then I read a review on Amazon where someone commented on the names of their food products like “savory stroganoff”. One would think it would contain beef. Nope – none of their meals do but they are presented in a way one would think they do (just look at the names and the pictures)! Hence why the salesman tried to get me to purchase dehydrated meat.
    I decided to cancel my order. Wow – what an unfriendly lady. The did it for me. When such an unfriendly lady answers the main line you know things can’t be good (I hadn’t even told her I was calling to cancel my order and she was far from friendly/helpful).
    I bit the bullet and spent a little more and went with Mountain House. Ordered from a variety of online retailers to get the best prices on an overall storage solution. I know their food tastes great and contains meat!

    1 out of 5


    I tried to get the free sample to try it out. I wanted some food for my Earthquake Emergency Rations. No samples as I refused to give my credit card info for a free sample. What is that all about?

    1 out of 5


    I was never able to try to the food…
    I ordered a 60 meal bucket from Wise Food Storage on 10/16/14. As of 11/12, I had not received it. I had sent 2 emails requesting an update with no response. I finally called on 11/12 to cancel and get a refund, which the nice girl said yes they could give me a refund. She could not give me a confirmation number and only said I would receive an email within the next day. Never received an email and credit card has not been refunded. It’s now 11/17 and I’ve spoken to the girl again who again said the processing would take a few days. I’m sorry, but that’s unacceptable. In this day and age when things are so automated, I do not see how it would take a few days. She had also told me initially (before I told her I wanted to cancel) that the food would probably be delivered the following week. Well that week is here and I’m concerned they’ll just send it anyway and I’ll have to mess with returning it. At the time of my call this morning, her computer was down, so said she would look into it and call me back. This girl has been very sweet, but I’m not at all impressed with their ability to get product out in time or refund you when asked. I’m sad to say I will not be attempting to buy product from them again.



    Wisw Company sells products they are back ordered on and they don’t tell you. 20 days later and I’m still waiting for my item to ship.



    I bought noodles and beef in savory mushroom sauce dated 10/16/2014.
    While the food in the package I bit into 2 small rocks, not good!!!



    I bought the Wise Company Emergency Survival Freeze Dried Food Favorites Sample for $19.99. After sampling the four packages I ended up throwing the last two samples down the garbage disposal! There food is not good! It is a waste of four cups of good water. In a true emergency, I would rather save the water for drinking! You would be better off having some peanut butter, jelly and bread for your emergency food supply. At least that doesn’t upset my stomach like the Wise food does. As for the twenty five year shelf life, in a true final emergency, someone would come by and rip you off anyway. I hope that they do and end up with their stomachs being upset instead of mine. I stick to my peanut and jelly!

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Quick Summary

Wise Food Storage is one of the fastest-growing emergency preparedness companies in the industry. The reasons include a good price point, innovative packaging that allows you to only open what you need, and a consumer-friendly marketing program. Wise also has great advertising relationships with Marie Osmond, Dave Ramsey, and Laura Ingraham as well as sponsorships on National Geographic and Doomsday Preppers.

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2.00 out of 5

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