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Winter Storm Nemo Reminds Us Why We Need to Be Prepared

The Northeast is preparing for what some are calling a “storm of the century” this weekend as a massive snow event heads eastward. The corridor from Philadelphia to Maine can expect from one to three feet of snow.

Boston is expecting at least two feet of snow, which would make it one of the largest snow storms in that city’s history. That’s right, it’s history.

winter_storm_nemoBanks have told customers to pull out some money before the storm just in case service is cut for a period of time afterward. Government and some private businesses have already told workers to stay home this weekend. Also, in some places the usual run on food and other items has already commenced at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Winter storms are especially hard on people because of the cold factor. If power gets cut, many people have no other alternative than to cuddle up in blankets and wait it out.

So Nemo presents another opportunity to do an assessment of your emergency preparedness plan and supplies. If you think you are falling a bit short, please take a look through our site to find the products that are right for you. In some cases, we can beat the manufacturer’s price by quite a bit (click here to see). And if we can’t, we promise to give you the most unbiased review.

Good luck to all.


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