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Winter Storm Euclid Causes Havoc Across the US

Interest in emergency preparedness usually escalates after the first of the year, when Americans start to forget about buying and receiving Christmas gifts and turn back to real life. This year, Mother Nature has sped up that timeline with a wicked winter storm that has spawned record twisters, dropped several feet of snow, snarled traffic, and cancelled thousands of flights.winter-storm-euclid

“Blizzard warnings stretch for 730 continuous miles due to Winter Storm Euclid,” The Weather Channel’s Tom Niziol reported. 730 miles! Wow.

The real problem with winter storms is they usually knock out power lines leaving people without heat or a way to keep food from spoiling. The weather system, which started over the weekend, wreaked havoc on Christmas. It knocked out power to tens of thousands of people and was blamed for at least five deaths.

Winter only just began, so if you have any left-over holiday money, you may want to consider a supply of food, a heat source, and a water filter. Also, make sure you have an emergency plan for your family if you get caught in your car. You can read about several good car kits here.

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