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Why do Mormons care so much about food storage?

This is a fantastic and very interesting question. Many Mormons (officially known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) believe it is prudent to keep at least three months of food reserves in case of emergency or economic hardship such as job loss. They also are taught to keep at least three months of cash reserves and to stay out of debt if possible. Basically, they believe in being prepared.

In the old days, many Mormons believed it was a commandment to keep at least a one-year supply of food storage in case of emergency. Now you can see their official language is three months, but more is always encouraged. See this link the LDS Church official “Home Storage” website.Mormon church logo

If you ever watch the Mormon Church sponsored BYU TV you will see quite a few commercials for food storage and other emergency preparedness items. In fact, the majority of those companies are reviewed on this website.

Mormons are not alone in preaching the virtues of food storage. Many evangelical churches also emphasize personal preparedness citing the parable of the ten virgins.

We believe getting prepared should not be a religious decision, but rather, a common-sense decision. It doesn’t matter if you are Mormon, Evangelical, Catholic, Jew, or Muslim. Everyone needs to be prepared, and we applaud any organization that takes personal food storage preparedness seriously.


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