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Why aren’t there many food storage review sites?

Have you noticed how few food storage review sites exist on the Web? Ever wondered why? It seems odd that for a category that has experienced so much growth over the past five years there haven’t been any good, unbiased food storage and emergency supply review websites.

food-storage-review-iconThe answer, however, is quite simple. It’s a new space for the vast majority of Americans and none of the industry leaders are of any consequential size to attract interest from larger companies and their large advertising budgets. Thus, food storage is still a small niche industry that is still controlled by about 10 manufacturers and resellers.

There have been a few attempts by food storage manufacturers and resellers to publish “unbiased” reviews, but those have been quickly exposed and ultimately shut down. The unfortunate consequence of not having an unbiased, third party reviewing products is food storage companies have been free to make wild claims about their products that are too often untrue. This has left the consumer utterly alone to try to make sense of the industry as best as he or she could.

For that reason, we at the Food Storage Reviewer thought it would be the perfect time to launch a truly unbiased food storage review site that seeks to expose the half truths and highlight the real values in food storage

We have created a site that delves deep into not only the product but also the company making or reselling the product. We have divided our reviews into five different profiles so you can best decide what food storage features are most important to you and your family.

We hope you enjoy this site and look forward to your feedback on how we can improve.


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