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What’s the best choice if I only care about price?

This question comes from one of our readers:

Hi. I am looking to buy food storage, but I really only care about price. I know some companies tout their gourmet taste, but I don’t think I will care about the taste if I am starving. What do you recommend?

We get this question quite frequently, and we have made it easy to find the right choice. What you need to find out is how many calories you get per dollar. Many food storage companies do everything in their power to hide this number. You can spot this cover up when companies talk about servings rather than calories.

The number one “calorie per dollar” product we reviewed is the Emergency Essentials Premium 2000 Year Supply of Food. You get 277 calories per dollar with this package, and the taste is also really good. If $2,599 is out of your price range, we also recommend the Food For Health 1,000 Serving Emergency Food Supply, which costs $499.75. It has 265 calories per dollar, which is still extremely good.

Again, we caution people to always look at the calorie count before buying. Also, make sure you really don’t care about taste. Although you might save a little money now, you will pay the price if an emergency comes and you don’t want to eat it.


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