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5 Things to Know About the Jim Bakker Fuel-Less Generator From Lion Energy

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Jim Bakker has been selling a lot of fuel-less generators over the last several months. We know because many people have called in wanting to know more about the product and whether or not it is worth the price. So we compiled a list of the five most frequently asked questions.

#1 What is a Fuel-Less Generator?

fuelless_generatorA fuel-less generator is a device that stores power and can be used to run almost anything requiring an electric current. The reason the generator has the title “fuel-less” is because traditional generators use some type of fuel–usually gasoline–to create an electric current. For example, Honda has an entire range of personal generators that run on gasoline.

Fuel-less generators are less messy than their fuel-requiring counterparts. They can be recharged by simply plugging them into an outlet or connecting them to solar panels. And there is no stinky exhaust.

#2 Does Jim Bakker sell the same generator that is sold on this site?

Yes. Jim Bakker sells the Lion Energy L-1500 Fuel-Less generator that is sold on this and many other sites. If you want to read more about the generator and watch a real video demonstration, please see our post 10 Things to Know About the Lion Energy L-1500.

#3 Who makes the Lion Energy Fuel-Less Generator?

Food For Health International is the ultimate parent company of the Lion brand of generators. Food For Health is the same company that makes several lines of emergency food (see here for details). In fact, Food For Health used to be the exclusive supplier of food to Jim Bakker, which he rebranded under the Morningside and Old Mill Inn brands.

Food For Health partnered with a company called Humless and created the Lion Energy brand. So for all intents and purposes, the Lion Energy generator comes from Food For Health International, which is based in Provo, Utah.

#4 Is this the best price for a Lion Energy Fuel-Less Generator?

Jim Bakker sells the fuel-less generator combo kit for $2,500. This includes one (1) 600 Watt Fuel-Less Generator, one (1) 100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel, one (1) Hand Crank Charger, and one (1) 20′ 12-VDC Extension cord. This is a $3,220 value according to list price.

Food Storage Reviewer sells the exact same combo kit for $2,399.95.

Food Storage Reviewer also sells another combo that includes the EMP bag and electronics pouch for $2,699.95. Jim Bakker sells the EMP bag and electronics pouch for an extra $350, so the total price of his combo is more: $2,850.

Whatever combo kit you choose, you can save more than $100 with the Food Storage Reviewer combos.

#5 Are there any competitive generator products?

There is one main product that competes agains the Lion L-1500 and that is the Goal Zero Yeti. However, the Yeti doesn’t really compare feature-wise to the Lion L-1500. Perhaps the worse thing about the Yeti is its enormous weight, which is a staggering 103 pounds.


A friend once told me that without electricity society would go back to the Stone Age. Go watch the television series Revolution if you want to get a preview of what that would be like.

In case of emergency, having a little power to keep the lights on, keep the fridge cold, or create heat to cook food is of paramount importance. The Lion Energy L-1500 gives you that ability. And because it’s fuel-less and has the ability to charge via solar power, the unit is clean and renewable. I highly recommend everyone have this product.

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  1. earlsprungerjr@gmail.com


    Do you sell Just the EMP bag I have the fueless generator . I hope it’s cheaper then his

  2. pmetcalf1@tampabay.rr.com


    I purchased Jim Bakker’s solar generator and used it during Hurricane Irma…..it worked for i/2 battery life and then stopped. The message on the screen was E 103. What does that mean? 1/2 battery life was still on the screen. I also hooked up the solar panels and the same E 103 message was on the screen and the generator stopped. I was very disappointed. Lost most my food in refrigerator. Pat

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