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What the Mayan NON-Apocalypse Should Teach Us

Well, I am still alive.

I guess the day isn’t over yet so I shouldn’t count my chickens until they hatch. But I have a hunch we aren’t going to experience any Armageddon-esque tragedies today. And for the record, the Foodstoragereviewer predicted nothing would happen many, many times.

So a lot of people will point to today’s non-events and claim proof that all of those people stocking up on food, fuel, and other life necessities are nut jobs and whackos. They’ll pat themselves on the back secure in their supposed intellectual superiority, and smirk at those “fools” who are “wasting” time getting prepared for these fake prophecies. To such individuals, preparedness is something that should be left to the government, NGO’s, or maybe even an international group run by the United Nations.

And in rebuttal, I say it doesn’t matter what gets you motivated to get off the couch and start putting together a basic preparedness plan. It makes sense when you sit down with an estate planner, when you write a will, when the gecko tells you to call in for an auto insurance quote, when you pay your life insurance monthly bill, and on and on and on.  Having food storage and other emergency preparedness items is like having insurance to keep living. You won’t make it far without water, food, and heat.

If the guys in bunkers on Doomsday Preppers make you nervous, then just start with a two-week food supply and a water filter that you keep in your pantry. But start somewhere. You probably won’t need it today, but chances are, you will need it at a time you least expect.

Merry Christmas to all.

-Food Guru


  1. oren.player@yahoo.com


    I never was concerned with the Mayan calendar. I figured it ended because they ran out of time or stone. My concern is more directed to 1) what man can cause and 2) what nature can cause. Weathering a storm here or there is fairly easy unless you get a direct hit from a tornado. Ice, snow etc are easily planned for. But, the impact caused by man in the form of mismanaged government could be catastrophic. A collapse of our currency would wipe out our economy. An attack with an EMP weapon would put this country back into an agrarian society which most of us would not be able to survive. So, if the folks running around laughing about all of us “wackos” still preparing, so be it. I’d rather be wrong than right in this case, but I’ll still make plans to take care of my extended family.

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