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What Good is Food Storage in the Event of a Fire?

Recently there has been a lot of coverage in the news about the horrible fires now burning in Colorado and several other states. This year’s incredibly hot and “rain-free” weather has produced a number of fires that are nowhere near being contained.

A friend of mind pointed out that having a supply of food storage would be pointless if your house was caught in one of these fires. After all, people are usually evacuated in a fire zone and there is a chance your own house could be burned down in the fire.fire-food-storage

There are several ways I would respond to that. First, having food storage should not be a decision made just because of the threat of fire. Depending on where you live, there are other dangers such as earthquake, tornado, or heavy snow. And this doesn’t even factor in non-natural disasters such as job loss, terrorist attack, or disruption to the global supply chain.

Second, we always recommend having a “grab and go” kit as part of any good food storage plan. Many times, residents are only given a few hours notice to leave their homes. In these cases, it is vital that you are prepared to quickly grab something that will last your family a few days to a few weeks.

Third, most people who are evacuated do not lose their homes. However, when they return they find many of the local stores and public utilities are not functioning. During this time it is very helpful to have emergency supplies and ready-made food.

Just like with insurance, there is no panacea that takes care of all probabilities. But by having food storage, you’re chances of surviving one of these disasters goes way, way up.


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