Water Solutions

Human beings need several things to survive. These items are food, clean water, a heat source, electric power, and supplies. In this section we take a close look at the water filtration options available and provide detailed reviews of the products and the companies that sell them.

Humans can survive without food for up to two weeks but only a few days without water. However, most people barely even think about water when they think about emergency preparation. Another common mistake people make is assuming they can store enough clean water to last any significant amount of time.

Although it’s a good idea to have a few water containers for short-term emergencies, you really need a water source and a purifier to survive. We recommend buying a top-notch water filter and scouting around your area for a water source such as a lake, river, or well.

If you have the space, we also recommend buying a 55-gallon water drum. Just remember, daily average water use in the US is about 70 gallons per person. In an emergency you would be much more judicious. However, the point remains that there is no way you can store enough water to survive a long-term emergency. You need a water filter.

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