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War’s Coming to the Middle East

Actually, war already came to the middle east. We are just so used to hearing about rocket attacks on Israel and fighter strikes on Gaza that we don’t even pay attention any more.

Israel has been keeping a wary eye on Iran’s nuclear ambition for a long time. Now with the presidential election over don’t be surprised if Netanyahu decides to unilaterally attack the Islamist state. The recent skirmishes over Gaza are just a pretense for a greater military maneuver. MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS

You can’t blame the Israelis. If Mexican rebels were launching rockets at San Diego would anyone be surprised if the US leveled Mexico City and sent in an occupation force? Probably not. But things get tricky in the Middle East, and everyone thinks they have a claim on the Holy Land. It’s a unique situation in a very unique part of the world.

So what does this mean for you? Oil will spike. The market will sell off (yes, even more than it has recently with the news of Obama’s re-election). People will talk about the end of the world.

Rather than be scared when that day inevitably comes, just take some time now to get prepared. Save some money. Buy some food reserves and a water filter. If you can, stock up extra for those people who won’t/can’t do it for themselves.

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