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Update on Wise Company Food Storage

Based on the many factors that go into the companies we review, we at the Food Storage Reviewer believe one of the best food storage companies in the industry is Wise Company Food Storage, and we want to share some new content they are offering on their site.

First, they have a blog that has some interesting info. A recent post talks about building a root cellar.

“Having a basement can easily make a root cellar. Store crops in the dampest spot; next to the sump pump is normally the dampest corner of most basements. This allows you to store crops in high humidity where they’re happiest.

“In addition, store them next to an exterior wall that’s below grade (underground) to get the greatest contact with outside soil temperature. North-facing wall is used for above grade wall that doesn’t get too much sun. Use low shelves (colder air sinks and warmer air rises) and make sure there’s adequate ventilation.”

The company also sponsors National Geographic’s popular show Doomsday Preppers. We love the publicity the food storage industry is getting from this show, but we dislike the title. Too many people get turned off to preparedness because they think only wackos are doing it.

Wise Food Storage Ultimate Emergency KitFinally, you can watch a pretty cool video on Wise Food Storage’s 7 Day Ultimate Emergency Meal kit here.

Before you go, take a minute to check out our review of Wise Food Storage.


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