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Tuesday Night’s Winners: Food Storage, Guns, and Gold

Half the country went to bed on Tuesday convinced the world was coming to an end. Although the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney was thought to be close, it turned into an electoral landslide. And the pain for Republicans didn’t stop there. Liberal ballot initiatives, liberal senators, and a confirmation of the “government will give us what we want” mentality were hugely successful. In short, self reliance and conservatism got their butts kicked.

So who were the real winners outside of the democratic party and the maker of the Obama phones?

Let’s start with gold. An Obama win assured Ben Bernanke of at least four more years. And nobody has done more to destroy the value of the US dollar than Ben. With QE3 open ended, there is no limit to how much value the US dollar will lose. And that means smart people will head to the safety of gold.

Guns. I have a friend who moonlights as a gun dealer. He told me last week business had never been better. Over the next four years, Obama and the liberal senate will try to chip away at gun rights. Although it may be an overreaction to stock up on bullets now, the day is coming when it is going to be harder to protect yourself with a firearm.

Finally, food storage. We just got a front-row view to watch what happens when Mother Nature sends a natural disaster to a dense metro area. People without power for two weeks, no food at the stores, sanitation systems in chaos. And the odd thing for me is watching residents ask reporters “where is the government?” Well if you didn’t learn your lesson during Katrina, I recommend you learn it now. The government does not have the power or money to be all things to all people at all times.

An Obama win means more people will be reliant on the government. That means more and more people will be competing for government resources when the next disaster hits, leaving less for you. You better get yourself prepared now.

True, the sun will rise tomorrow. But the slippery slope just got steeper.



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