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Tropical Storm Isaac Pushes Disaster Preparedness Back to the Forefront

What are the chances a hurricane will hit the western edge of Florida right in time for the Republican National Convention next week? Actually quite good.

food-storage-hurricaneIsaac is making his way through the Caribbean and should hit Florida as early as Monday depending on how far west the storm goes. In a worse case scenario (for convention goers) the tropical storm turns into a full-fledged hurricane and hits the Tampa area.

This is the heart of the US hurricane season, and it should not surprise anyone. There are usually 20-30 “named” storms every year, and it seems at least a handful make landfall. The storms are named by alphabetical order, so Isaac is number nine this year.

When hurricanes strike the biggest danger is usually the storm surge that can raise the ocean well above its normal level and flood low-lying areas. This causes power failure, water damage, and sometimes death.

The Foodstoragereviewer.com hopes everyone in hurricane areas takes these storms seriously and gets prepared with at least some basics. Have a food and clean water source. Get a generator if you can afford it. And make sure you find a safe place to ride the storm out. A little planning might mean the difference between life and death.


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