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Tropical Storm Alberto Kicks Off 2012 Hurricane Season

Tropical Storm Alberto hovered off the South Carolina and Georgia coasts this past Sunday, canceling tourist cruises, producing showers along the coast and serving as a reminder that the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season is just around the corner.

Tropical Storm Alberto Emergency PreparednessThe first storm of the season (that officially begins June 1) was not expected to approach landfall on the Carolinas’ coast, but it had prompted a tropical storm watch and forecasters warned that it could produce high winds, heavy surf, rip currents and scattered rain across the region.

Even though it seems the hurricane season has been a lot to do about nothing in recent years, it is unwise to fall asleep at the proverbial wheel. These storms pack a massive punch that always seem to catch people unaware, resulting in damaged property, misery, and even death. In fact, it is almost certain that each hurricane that reaches land will result in loss of life.

To survive a storm, we recommend you take steps now to protect you and your family. Start by learning about local emergency preparedness action plans which include storm shelters, drainage areas, and local emergency management help. Then make sure you have a good source of clean water or a means of purifying water. Finally, have some food available that can be easily prepared. We recommend freeze-dried food for its taste, light weight, and ability to be quickly reconstituted.

Do you have experiences you can share about emergency preparedness during hurricane season? Let us know in the comments.


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