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Taking Another Look at Augason Farms Food Storage

Augason Farms, also known as the Blue Chip Group, has come a long way over the last 40 years. Located in Salt Lake City, the company was mainly a wholesale supplier to food storage retailers. One of their best products was and continues to be Morning Moo brand milk. The company used to be out of the spotlight willing to let retailers such as Food Insurance buy bulk products and sell them as part of a monthly food storage package.


However, things have changed, and Augason Farms is making a major effort to appeal directly to end consumers. In fact, Augason Farms now sells at Walmart, which is really the ultimate retail coup.

We are taking another look at Augason in our next round of reviews and will let you know what we think of their new product offerings. From the looks of it, we expect our company ranking for Augason Farms to dramatically improve given the increased level of professionalism we are seeing from them as well as the implied Walmart endorsement.

Check back next month for the complete review.


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