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Take a Closer Look at Food Insurance Emergency Food Storage Plans

Over the years, Food Insurance (or Daily Bread as it was originally known) has been one of the most innovative voices in emergency preparedness. The company started out a little over a decade ago as Daily Bread and only sold its products through an army of college-aged, summer sales reps. As the company built its reputation and the market for emergency preparedness grew (think Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 recession), Food Insurance parlayed its success into more and better advertising as well as leading-edge products.

sean_hannity_foodIn 2009, Food Insurance retained the services of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. These two pitchmen along with the general fear of the Federal Reserve devaluing the dollar and Congress running up huge deficits caused a heyday in the emergency preparedness industry. Soon, mom-and-pop, fly-by-night, food storage companies were popping up everywhere with each claiming their product was somehow different or better (the truth is most of them sourced their food from the same 2-3 manufacturers).

With all of the chaos in the food storage industry, Food Insurance became “just another company trying to sell freeze-dried food.”

However, a few years ago, a company in Canada called Freeze Dry Foods purchased Food Insurance. Freeze Dry Foods was one of two manufacturers in North America that was USDA certified to freeze-dry real animal products such as meat and cheese (the other is Oregon Freeze Dry, makers of Mountain House brand food). With new capital, a new management team, and a chance to do something different, Food Insurance embarked on a branding and meal plan redesign.

New Branding, New Brands

The first thing you may notice about the Daily Bread and Food Insurance websites is they both sell the same things. Whereas in the past, Daily Bread was the portal for the door-to-door sales team and Food Insurance was the online sales site, today they are the same. You will notice that although the company is called Food Insurance LLC, all of the food branding is Daily Bread. So if you purchase a Food Insurance emergency food storage package you will see all of the actual cans are branded with the Daily Bread logo.

campfire_mealsFood Insurance also started a new brand called Campfire Meals to compete head-to-head with Mountain House pouches. Mountain House freeze-dried food pouches have been very popular with campers and hikers for decades, and it makes sense that Food Insurance would jump into the space. Campfire Meals contain the exact same food as what’s in the Daily Bread brand. The Campfire Meals website offers more than just food with water filtration, cooking utensils, and outdoor tools part of the offering.

New Products

Perhaps the most interesting new development with Food Insurance is the focus on more healthy foods in their meal packages. It is well known that most food storage contains high amounts of sodium, sugar, and filler ingredients. The trade off has always been, “do you want to live, or do you want to be healthy?” Now you can do both. Food Insurance has engineered all of their food packages to stay within the nutritional limits outlined by the US Food and Drug Administration. The RDA, or United States recommended daily allowance is the daily amount of a protein, vitamin, or mineral that the FDA has established as sufficient to maintain the nutritional health of persons in various age groups and categories.

Food_Insurance_1_YearThe Food Insurance long-term food storage packages come in Basic and Premium Supplies and are engineered to provide 1,000 (Basic) or 2,000 (Premium) calories per day in increments of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. To read a detailed review of the Food Insurance 1 Year Basic Supply, click here. For a review on the 1 Year Premium Supply, click here. Both of these packages are some of our highest rated because they score high in shelf life (25+ years), calories per dollar, and especially taste. Food Insurance and Mountain House provide the best tasting food by far. Also, if you want to read even more about Food Insurance the company, please click here.

Finally, it’s always nice if you can try something out before you buy it. Food Insurance has a sample program (click here) that allows you to taste one meal at no cost. There is even free shipping!

In conclusion, Food Insurance is one of the best companies to work with if you are serious about buying food storage. The company manufactures its own food and freeze-dries it in USDA certified facilities. Food Insurance has been around more than a decade and has all of the customer service issues ironed out–so they are easy to work with in case something happens with your order. If you are looking for great taste and quality in your emergency food storage, then look no further than Food Insurance.


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