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Syria, Sarin Gas, And What It Means For You

So it looks highly likely the Obama administration will execute a military strike on Syria in the near future. Even though tens of thousands of people have been killed by bullets, grenades, and bombs, the use of sarin gas by the Assad administration last week somehow compels the United States to get involved. It’s uneven logic at best and downright dangerous at worst. In a highly ironic reversal of roles, Obama now finds himself making the same arguments George W. Bush did when he led the US into Iraq 10 years ago.

If America hasn’t learned over the past 30 years the simple fact that wading into mideast conflicts is a no-win situation then we are destined to repeat the same mistakes. The United States will become less popular in the Arab world. More young US military members will needlessly die. The price of oil will go up, directly funding shadow regimes that don’t support basic human rights. And the list goes on. The founders of the United States had no intention of making this country the world’s policeman, and we would be wise to not arrogantly believe we can solve foreign conflicts that have been raging for centuries and do not directly threaten our peace.

What can we expect?

But if, or rather when, Obama decides to launch cruise missiles into Syria, here is what we can expect:

  • Palestinian terror groups will use the event to launch rockets into Israel
  • The price of oil may go to $150 a barrel
  • There will be parades in the middle east where American flags are burned
  • Syria will probably launch another sarin gas attack
  • Some cleric will issue a fatwah against the United States

and worst case:

  • Iran follows through on their threats and launches missiles against Israel
  • Israel retaliates
  • There is full-blown war in the Middle East

So is all of this really worth getting involved? I understand nobody likes seeing pictures of dead children or people getting herded into refugee camps. But, why does the United States have to come to the rescue? Where is Saudi Arabia? Where is France? The UK? Jordan? Turkey? Russia?

It’s time to set a new precedent that the United States only gets involved when directly threatened. I know that may not be popular with some of the readers. But try consoling the mom of a dead US marine who wonders why her son was sent to a far-away land to fight an ambiguous war.


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