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Severe Cold Spell in Western US Will Affect Food Prices

It seems the media only takes time to report instances when the weather is breaking heat records. “Hottest year since 19xx,” or “Glaciers melting faster than previously predicted” are always favorites of the establishment press. However, sometimes Mother Nature bucks the agenda and sends us a cold spell.western-us-cold-spell

The western US has been experiencing colder than normal temperatures the last several weeks. This past week temperatures in downtown Los Angeles fell to 34 degrees, breaking the previous record of 36 degrees set on Jan. 14, 2007.

This weather up and down California and into the interior west is causing havoc to farmers who supply a great deal of the US’s food supply. The price for a carton of lettuce in Yuma two weeks ago was $7 to $8. As of last Monday, it cost around $20 per carton. The more produce that is ruined as a result of this cold spell the greater will be the affect on food prices at the grocery store in the coming months.

We have heard from several food storage vendors that prices will be going up this year. Alpine Aire sent out an email to all of its resellers a few weeks ago urging customers to buy now before the prices rise. Cold spells and other shocks to the food production supply chain will speed this up.

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