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Russian Meteor Proves You Have to be Prepared for the Natural and Unnatural

Ok, technically a meteor is a natural occurrence. However, when most people think of natural disasters a meteor from outer space is not usually on the list. Rather, things such as tsunamis, hurricanes, ice storms, fires, etc. are the disasters most people prepare for.russian-meteor-emergency-preparedness

So how in the world would you get prepared for a meteor? As the recent Russian meteor event showed, the impact of even a small meteor striking the ground is equivalent to a nuclear bomb. Although the radiation impact is less, the physical damage caused by the blast is every bit as damaging.

Of course, if a meteor such as the one featured in the hit movie Armageddon breaches Earth’s atmosphere, then the only thing you can really do is pray. But if a smaller one hits, then the best way to defend yourself is to have the following:

  1. A plan to meet. Disasters don’t strike at 8 pm at night when everyone is at home. Rather, they usually strike when people are out and about. Make sure your family has a meeting place designated as well as smaller emergency kits that can be stored in a car, at work, or school. Click here for ideas.
  2. At least a month of food storage for you, your family, friends, and loved ones. You won’t know how long the food supply chain will be disrupted. It could easily take weeks. Find your food profile and make the decision today to have some reserves. Click here.
  3. A source of power. Natural disasters may strike in the winter or during less than ideal weather conditions. A home or personal solar generator will make all the difference between surviving and thriving.

Although it’s easy to comfort yourself by saying the meteor landed in a far-off place and didn’t affect me, the truth is it could happen anywhere. And there was no advance warning. Get some peace of mind today, and start gathering the basics.

Best wishes.


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