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Quake Kare


Moorpark, California

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Survival kits

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Original manufacturer and reseller


About Quake Kare

Quake Kare, Inc. is the industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of emergency preparedness kits in the U.S. After moving to “earthquake country” in 1982, Sherry Heitz, founder and chairman, recognized the lack of pre-packaged emergency kits in America’s earthquake capital.

AsQuake Kare Emergency Supplies a concerned mother put in charge of her children’s schools’ disaster preparedness, she spoke to other parents who shared similar frustrations. “Why isn’t there one place to go to buy all the emergency supplies you need to prepare for a disaster?” Soon after Quake Kare was born.

Although not every product inside a Quake Kare kit is industry leading, the kits as a whole are very good. Plus, the biggest enemy is not the quality of the product; but rather, the lack of getting something put together. So if you aren’t exactly Mr. or Mrs. Preparedness, then a Quake Kare kit may be the best option for you.

Quake Kare has also gone the extra mile and designed kits for specific disasters or situations. These include office, car, pet, terrorism, hurricane, and earthquake among others. Each kit contains products specifically tailored for each type of emergency.


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Quick Summary

Quake Kare makes emergency kits for specific emergencies such as fire, flood, earthquake, and more. The company also sells traditional emergency supplies such as radios, flashlights, and sanitation products.

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