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Wise Company – Gluten Free 152 Serving Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket

Gluten Free Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket

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Anyone who has a gluten allergy knows how difficult it can be to find good gluten free food, though the variety and availability is growing each day. But what about emergency food? That can be even more difficult. Luckily, there are a few companies that are offering gluten free options (check out our round up here). In September 2014, Wise Company released their first gluten free buckets. So far, the variety is limited, but it’s nice to see a few options from a food storage company we tend to have a high opinion of.

This bucket is a short-term food supply that contains only fruit. If you’re looking for meals to go with your fruit, check out Wise Company’s entree and breakfast package. For 1 person, this bucket would last about 1-2 months.

This bucket contains 152 servings (each fruit item is packaged in 8-serving pouches).

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Each fruit bucket contains:
• Strawberries (40 Servings)
• Apples (40 Servings)
• Bananas (36 Servings)
• Peaches (36 Servings)


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