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Volcano 3 Collapsible Propane Grill

Volcano 3 Collapsible Propane Grill

Volcano grills are the best emergency preparedness cooking device available. These grills are affordable, rugged, and give you the most flexibility from cooking gourmet meals to simply boiling a pot of water. The Volcano 3 can be used with charcoal, propane, or wood.

Product Description

Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods need to be cooked in order to unlock their texture and flavor. Although anyone with a heat source, water, and a cooking tin can accomplish this, it can be done much easier and quicker with a Volcano grill

Volcano grills are known for their quality and portability. The Volcano 3 is only 18″ by 18″ by 5″ and weighs just 26 pounds. It can be easily transported in the included storage bag.

The Volcano 3 is the most popular model for a reason. It has tri-fuel capability, which means it can be used with charcoal, propane or wood, and is highly efficient.

Our Opinion

The Volcano 3 Collapsible Propane Grill is the most versatile and efficient grill on the market today. For emergency preparedness, this 3-fuel cooker makes it much easier to cook freeze-dried and dehydrated food.

Product Details


  • Bottom grate – Use this for charcoal or wood. Remove when using propane.
  • Diffuser plate – Place on top of Propane burner for more even heat. If you like to grill with briquettes, place your briquettes on this for a better searing temperature.
  • Top Grill – (Approx. 13″ diameter. 144 square inches of cooking surface)
  • Propane burner and cradle – Burner is 19,500 BTU’s
  • Regulator Hose Assembly to hook up to a 20lb propane bottle
  • Chicken stick – Holds a match for easier lighting
  • Instruction manualDownload the instruction manual here
  • Wrenches – to connect/disconnect hose with burner
  • Carrying case -500 denier nylon. Holds everything. Has a top pocket for grill storage.
  • Weight = 26lbs
  • Shipping dimensions 18 X 18 X 6
  • Footprint when open. 19.5″ diameter circle
  • Height when open – 10.75 inches


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