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Travel Berkey Water Filter

Travel Berkey
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Product Description

The Travel Berkey Water Filter is the “baby sister” to the Big Berkey Water Filter. We have a high opinion of Berkey Water filters and feel this is a good option for those looking for a more compact Berkey filter option. For more of our opinions, you can read our out-of-the-box review here.


  • The assembled Travel Berkey Water Filter looks good and doesn’t take up too much space
  • What you really get with Berkey is unsurpassed filtration quality
  • The stainless steel design, ease of use, and durability make it a quality product


  • The unit is gravity fed, so it can takea few minutes to get a filtered glass of water
  • It’s probably not something you want to put in a backpack and go into the back country
  • Assembly is a bit more difficult than you’d expect

How Does it Work

Berkey filters are gravity fed, which simply means you pour water into the top of the unit and the force of gravity will pull the water down through the filters. It’s a very easy process, and it has several advantages over other types of filters that use pumps or electricity. Pumps can break down and there may be times when you don’t have access to electricity.

The Travel Berkey can filter water at a rate of 2.75 gallons per hour (as opposed to the 3.5 gallons per hour rate of the Big Berkey), which should be plenty for most applications and family sizes. It removes bacteria, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, solvents, nitrates, nitrites, lead, mercury, chlorine, VOCs, and even fluoride. Obviously, the dirtier the water you put through it the longer it will take and the more frequently you will have to clean the filters.

Berkey products are made from 100% stainless steel, which will hold up better than plastic or composite. It may scratch, but it’s only cosmetic.


  • Two Black Berkey purifier filters (will produce approximately 6000 gallons of drinking water before needing to be replaced)
  • Produces up to 2.75 gallons of filtered drinking water per hour
  • 7.5″D x 18″H
  • 6 lbs. dry
  • High quality stainless steel container
  • Easy flow spigot
  • Knob for lid
  • Complete assembly and maintenance instructions
  • Compatible with the Berkey PF2 Fluoride filter

Product Video

Here’s a video produced by Berkey Filters about the Travel Berkey.


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