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Thrive Life Basic 1-Year Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply

Thrive Life 1 Year Supply of Food

The Basic 1 Year Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply package from Thrive Life contains 9,900 total servings of THRIVE Foods, which are bulk items such as wheat, fruits, and vegetables. These meals are not “ready to eat” and have to be prepared from ingredients.

Product Description

The Thrive Life Basic 1 Year package is a great deal for people who are not afraid to prepare their own food storage meals. This is how we scored this product:

Price per calorie

The Thrive Life Basic 1 Year package has 202 calories for every dollar. That’s on the higher side of packages we have reviewed.


The taste of the foods is quite good and the quality is very high. Again, we ranked it lower in taste compared to many other products simply because most people do not know how to prepare delicious meals from scratch–especially during emergency conditions.

Shelf Life

The stated shelf life of this product is 25 years. There is a nice mix of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods and these will keep a very long time since they are sealed in #10 cans.

Prep TIme

It only takes hot water (boiling water makes it taste better) and 10 minutes to get this food ready to eat. However, it may take you much longer to actually cook it into a great-tasting meal.


This food in this package comes in 99 #10 cans. #10 cans are not the most ideal way to maximize space because a cylinder naturally creates gaps when it is stacked. However, Thrive Life makes a brilliant product that stacks #10 cans and keeps the food rotating to avoid spoilage. Check out the Thrive Life Harvest System here.

What's Included:

Package Contents

The Basic 1 Year Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply package includes gallon-sized cans of freeze dried and dehydrated foods in the following quantities:


  • 1 10 Grain Pancake Mix

  • 1 9 Grain Cracked Cereal

  • 1 Cornmeal

  • 4 White Flour

  • 2 Germade

  • 4 Quick Oats

  • 3 White Rice

  • 3 Hard White Winter Wheat


  • 3 Broccoli – Freeze Dried

  • 2 Cauliflower – Freeze Dried

  • 4 Sweet Corn – Freeze Dried

  • 4 Green Peas – Freeze Dried

  • 2 Potato Chunks – Dehydrated

  • 2 Chopped Spinach – Freeze Dried

  • 3 Green Beans – Freeze Dried


  • 1 Sliced Bananas – Freeze Dried

  • 1 Blackberries – Freeze Dried

  • 2 Mangos – Freeze Dried

  • 2 Peach Slices – Freeze Dried

  • 1 Raspberries – Freeze Dried

  • 4 Strawberries – Freeze Dried


  • 1 Chocolate Drink Mix

  • 3 Powdered Milk

  • 1 Instant Milk

Meats & Beans

  • 3 Whole Egg Powder

  • 1 Chopped Chicken – Freeze Dried

  • 2 Diced Ham – Freeze Dried

  • 2 Kidney Beans

  • 2 Pinto Beans

  • 1 Diced Turkey – Freeze Dried

  • 3 Ground Beef – Freeze Dried

  • 3 Roast Beef – Freeze Dried

  • 1 Sausage Crumbles – Freeze Dried


  • 1 Iodized Salt

  • 1 Brown Sugar

  • 1 Powdered Sugar

  • 4 White Sugar


  • 2 Orchard Apple Drink

  • 1 Orange Bliss Drink


  • 8 Baked Potato Cheese Soup

  • 8 Broccoli Cheese Soup


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Product Rating/Scores

Total FSR Score:82

scores are based on a scale of 1-100
Shelf Life
Gluten-Free No
Non-GMO No
Added MSG Not Stated
Low Sodium No
Non-Dairy Partially
Total Calories 465,513

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