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Ready Store – CLASSICprep-2000 Food Storage Supply (12 Months)

Ready Store CLASSICprep-2000
FLEXprep-2000 Case Dimensions

The CLASSICprep-2000 food storage supply contains mostly food storage staples such as flour, pasta, beans, and milk. This package should really be considered an add-on to a traditional ready-to-eat food storage system.

Product Description

We give relatively low marks to the Ready Store CLASSICprep-2000 Year Supply of Food Storage because it doesn’t fit our definition of easy-to-use food storage. This is a great choice that will give you peace of mind if you are looking for a supplemental package to an existing food storage system.

Price per calorie

The price per calorie of this package is the highest of all products we have reviewed. You get 572 calories per dollar. But again, these calories come from raw ingredients and not ready-to-eat meals.


This package contains mainly bulk items such as wheat, pinto beans, rice, sugar, and oats. Again, this is perfect to supplement another package but you would have a hard time surviving on just this package alone. All of the food is from The Ready Store’s Saratoga Farms brand, which we rate highly.

Shelf Life

Most of this food is dehydrated and will last 10-20 years before the nutritional content really starts to break down. If kept in a cool environment it could last longer.

Prep Time

It’s going to take a while to get this food ready to consume. This is definitely not ready to eat.


Like a lot of competitors, this package comes exclusively in #10 cans. Although it’s ideal for keeping out unwanted pests, it doesn’t provide the best use of space. Also, once you have opened a can you only have about a week (depending on humidity) to use it all up. Everything comes in 114 #10 cans.

What's Included:

Grains & Flours (52 Cans | 2,432 Servings):
12 Cans Long-Grain White Rice
14 Cans Hard White Winter Wheat
14 Cans Red White Winter Wheat
6 Cans White Flour
6 Cans Yellow Cornmeal

Pasta & Potatoes (12 Cans | 144 Servings):
12 Cans Egg Noodles

Beans & Legumes (10 Cans | 444 Servings):
4 Cans Dried Black Beans
2 Cans Dried Kidney Beans
2 Cans Dried Navy Beans
2 Cans Dried Pinto Beans

Cooking Basics (2 Cans | 1,330 Servings):
1 Can White Sugar
1 Can Brown Sugar

Cereals (8 Cans | 184 Servings):
8 Cans Regular Rolled Oats

Dairy (24 Cans | 2,020 Servings):
20 Cans Non-Fat Milk
4 Cans Butter Powder

Drink Mixes (6 Cans | 528 Servings):
3 Cans Instant Orange Drink Mix
3 Cans Instant Apple Drink Mix

Occasionally Items may be substituted with similar items due to availability. Calorie and serving count may vary plus or minus 5% depending on substituted items

Shipping Info

Weight: 553 lbs.

Dimensions: 76”x12”x48”’ (114 #10 cans)

Shipping info: Free shipping over $100

Our Opinion

In our opinion, The Ready Store CLASSICprep-2000 is a great package for those looking to supplement an already existing food storage supply. The CLASSICprep-2000 does not contain ready-to-eat meals so please be aware you will have to prepare ingredients in order to get a meal.

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Product Rating/Scores

Total FSR Score:77

scores are based on a scale of 1-100
Shelf Life
Weight 553 lbs
Dimensions 76 x 12 x 48 in
Gluten-Free No
Non-GMO No
Added MSG Partially
Low Sodium No
Non-Dairy Partially
Total Calories 743,238

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