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Nitro-Pak – Ultimate 1-Year Food Supply

nitro-pak ultimate pak

The Nitro-Pak Ultimate 1-Year Food Supply received the highest overall rating from Food Storage Reviewer. In our opinion, this is the best product on the market.

Product Description

This package is a little on the pricy side, but Nitro-Pak has done a superb job adding in enough Mountain House freeze-dried foods with other dehydrated foods to create a masterpiece. This is how we scored the Nitro-Pak Ultimate 1-Year Food Supply (formerly known as the Ultimate Pak Food Reserve Unit):

Price per calorie

The calories per dollar score is very good at 181.3, which is the about the same number as Nitro-Pak’s other product, the Platinum 1-Year Food Supply. One would expect this to be much lower considering the quality and amount of more expensive freeze-dried food. It’s a good deal. This package is also a little bigger than the Platinum Unit and contains about 200,000 more calories. (The price listed on the retailer’s website is subject to change at any time without notice).


Most of the entrees in this package are Mountain House premium freeze-dried food. The rest of the food comes from Nitro-Pak or their other in-house label Backpacker’s Pantry. This is as good as it gets, and we give the food a very high taste rating.

Shelf Life

You simply can’t get better shelf life. All of the foods containing animal products have been freeze dried, which gives them the highest shelf life possible. A few of the dehydrated items have 15-year shelf lives, but the feeze-dried components will last 30 years before the nutritional content really starts to break down.

Prep Time

You can technically eat it dry, but it only takes boiling water and 10-15 minutes to get this food ready to eat. Although some emergency foods can be prepared slightly quicker, 10-15 minutes isn’t too long to wait. Also, almost all of the food is ready-to-eat entrees so there isn’t much preparation time required.


All of this emergency food comes in #10 cans. Although it’s ideal for keeping out unwanted pests, it doesn’t provide the best use of space. Also, once you have opened a can you only have about a week (depending on humidity) to use it all up. Everything comes in 208 # 10 size cans packed in 35 cases.


Mountain House Dinner Entrée Meals Included (One 1 cup serving per day)

* 2 Turkey Tetrazzini

* 2 Creamed Beef

* 2 Sweet & Sour Pork

* 2 Chicken Stew

* 2 Chicken Teriyaki

* 2 Vegetable Beef Stew

* 2 Hearty Beef Stew

* 2 Noodles & Chicken

* 3 Spaghetti with Meat

* 2 Rice & Chicken

* 2 Chili Mac with Beef

* 2 Pasta Primavera (vegetarian)

* 3 Beef Stroganoff with Meat

* 2 Chicken Ala King

* 2 Lasagna with Meat and Sauce

* 2 Breakfast Skillet

* 2 Wild Rice & Mushroom Pilaf

* 2 Super Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese (vegetarian)


MH/NP Vegetables: (One 1/2 cup serving per day)

* 6 Super Sweet Corn

* 6 Garden Sweet Peas

* 6 Cut Green Beans


Dinner Side Dishes: (1.2 cup servings per day)

* 12 Instant Potato Flakes (NP)

* 12 Instant Pre-Cooked White Rice (MH/BP)


Dinner Desserts: (One 1/2 cup servings per day)

* 3 Blueberry Cheesecake with Real Blueberry Topping

* 3 Raspberry Crumble with Real Raspberry Topping and Cookie Crumb Base

* 3 Instant Banana Pudding (NP)

* 2 Instant Chocolate Pudding (NP)

* 3 Instant Vanilla Pudding (NP)


Nitro-Pak Lunch Snacks:

* 1 Fruit Galaxy Cocktail (NP)

* 2 Apple Slices (NP)

* 6 Honey Coated Banana Chips (NP)

* 12 Pilot Bread Crackers (2 per day)

* 1 High Energy Candy (NP)


MH/NP Breakfast Entrée Meals: (Approx. Two 1 cup servings per day)

* 10 Pre-Cooked Eggs with Real Bacon

* 3 Scrambled Eggs with Danish Ham

* 4 Granola with Real Blueberries

* 18 Nutty Breakfast Granola (NP)

* 12 6-Grain Cereal Blend (NP)

* 12 Quick Cooking Rolled Oats (NP)


Breakfast Side Dishes: (One 1/2 cup serving per day)

* 6 Instant Premium Applesauce (NP)

* 1 Fruit Galaxy Cocktail (NP)

* 2 Golden Raisins (NP)

* 1 Apple Slices (NP)

Beverages: (Four 8 oz. servings per day)

* 12 Dairy Premium Instant Milk (NP)

* 2 Gourmet Instant Cocoa Mix (NP)

* 2 Orange Drink (NP)

* 2 Peach Drink (NP)

* 2 Apple Drink (NP)



* 1 White Sugar (NP)

* 1 Butter Powder (NP)

* 1 Iodized Salt (NP)


(NP) Stands for Nitro-Pak foods, which have a shelf-life of 7-30 years depending on the item.

Which Package is Right for You?

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Product Rating/Scores

Total FSR Score:92

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Shelf Life
Weight 653.4 lbs
Gluten-Free No
Non-GMO Not Stated
Added MSG No
Low Sodium No
Non-Dairy Partially
Total Calories 852,149

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