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FSR – Wise Company Food + Fire Combo

FSR Wise Food and Fire Combo
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While you can eat most ready-to-eat food storage without re-heating, it will always taste better if it has been reconstituted with hot water. With that in mind, FSR has created this exclusive Food + Fire Combo Pack so you not only have the life-saving food you need, but a fuel source to heat your water.

Product Description

This exclusive FSR Combo Pack is a bundle of 4 great Wise Company products. You can buy each of the 4 products in this combo separately on our website, or on, but you get a discount by buying them all together in this special bundle. Buying each product separately would cost you nearly $460. With the Combo pricing, you can get it all for $439.99


The Food + Fire Combo comes with 120 servings of vegetables, 120 servings of freeze dried fruit, and 60 servings of freeze dried meat. You also get one 2-gallon bucket of WiseFire.

You can read detailed descriptions of each of the products in this bundle by clicking on the links below:


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