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FSR – Lion Energy Accessories Bundle + Solar Panel

Lion Energy Accessories Bundle + Solar Panel
EMP Bag + Electronics PouchL-1500 solar panel (opened)L-1500 Solar Panel closedSolar Panel standing, from the backSolar Panel standing, from the frontBack of L-1500 Solar panelEMP accessory bagSolar Panel Extension CordLion Energy Hand CrankLion Energy Hand Crank

Product Description

Lion Energy offers several accessories to protect and enhance the use of their line of solar generators — most of which are only sporadically available on their website.

Luckily, we’ve got all the goodies right here in one convenient package. The Lion Energy Accessories Bundle + Solar Panel includes:

  1. Solar panel
  2. EMP Bag
  3. EMP Bag electronics pouch
  4. Solar panel extension cable
  5. 30W Hand Crank

Solar Panel

One of the great things about Lion Energy generators is their ability to harness solar power. This handy solar panel attachment will help keep your generator powered when the battery runs low. And since the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (we hope) this is a no-brainer if you want to make sure your generator stays charged and running in a time of need.

The panel itself is fairly light; it can be lifted without much exertion. When we tested the solar panel we found it easy to fold in half, in order to conserve space. It also has an easy-to-grip handle, making it easy to carry when folded. The unit comes equipped with built-in connectors that hide in the back of the solar panel when closed. The cord attachments are not complicated and easy to attach to the generator. The solar panel component is made by BOSCH.

Using the solar panel with your L-1500 generator

EMP Bag + Electronics Pouch

The EMP bag from Lion Energy will help protect your precious generator investment and other electronic devices. The bag protects against EMP’s, HEMP’s, solar flares, lightning, and other transient electromagnetic fields.

The EMP bag is light weight and can fold up, making it easy to store or pack around. The bag is sturdy, but it doesn’t have any sort of frame to be self-standing when the generator isn’t inside it. The material is thick and feels like very strong, and can definitely withstand the weight of generator. The bag provides a nice, snug fit — once fastened, nothing will get jostled around. It’s easy to fasten and close once the generator is inside.

Extension Cable

The 30A Anderson Cable is a 20-Foot extension cable made to give extra length to the solar panel extension that can be purchased with your generator.

Want to purchase separately?

You can all of the Lion Energy accessories separately on our website. Click a link below:


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