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FSR – Food For Health Emergency Food Supply: 1,375 Servings (5 Bucket Combo)

1,375 Servings 5-Bucket Combo
Cheesy Rice CasseroleVeggie AlfredoHearty Potato SoupItalian Tomato SoupBlack Bean BurgerTortilla SoupMult-grain CerealOatmealNon-fat MilkInstant Orange DrinkCheesy Rice Casserole LabelVeggie Alfredo LabelItalian Tomato Soup LabelBlack Bean Burger labelTortilla Soup LabelMult-grain Cereal labelBrown Sugar Otameal LabelFFH Real Milk Nutrition FactsInstant Orange Drink Label

This FSR exclusive is 5 buckets of the 275 Servings bucket from Food For Health International. Save $50 with this combo.

Product Description

You can only buy this combo from Food Storage Reviewer. It’s simply 5 buckets of the 275 Servings bucket from Food For Health International, but at a discount!

If you bought these same 5 buckets on Food For Health’s website it would cost nearly $900. When you buy from Food Storage Reviewer you get all 5 buckets for under $650 (and that’s $50 less than if you bought 5 buckets separately on this website!)

Each 275 Serving Food Supply Bucket provides healthy vegetarian meals that take roughly 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish. Just add boiling water and you’ll be enjoying a nutritionally balanced, 100 percent vegetarian entrée. The food itself is packaged in weather-proof buckets that are easily stacked to conserve space and contain individually-wrapped portions so you can conserve and eliminate waste.

Click here for the full review of the 275 Servings bucket.

This 5-Bucket Combo is different than the 1,000 Servings 5-Bucket Combo sold on this website because the contents of each individual bucket differs. This combo contains five 275 Servings Buckets. The other combo contains five 200 Servings Buckets.


Each bucket contains the following:

  • Cheesy Rice Casserole, 25 servings
  • Veggie Alfredo, 20 servings
  • Hearty Potato Soup, 30 servings
  • Italian Tomato Pasta, 20 servings
  • Black Bean Burger, 18 Servings
  • Tortilla Soup, 20 servings
  • Multigrain Cereal, 30 servings
  • Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 40 servings
  • Non-fat Milk, 40 servings
  • Instant Orange Drink – 32 servings

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