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Food Insurance – 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag

2-week Bug-out Bag
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The Food Insurance 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag is a high quality survival kit that contains two weeks of packaged food, a stove, and a water filter.

Product Description

The Food Insurance 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag is a survival kit that focuses on food first. This means the food inside this kit is packed with quality dehydrated ready-to-eat meals rather than energy bars or “calorie bricks.”

The 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag contains two weeks of food for one adult, three meals per day. The meals are conveniently stored in mylar pouches, which guarantee freshness when you need them. All Food Insurance entrees require only water to prepare, and have a shelf-life of 10+ years.

In our opinion, the best part of this bag is the actual bag. This isn’t the usual cheap quality bag that wouldn’t stand a weekend trip into the wilderness. This thing is made to last. Although the Food Insurance 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag is a little more expensive that other competitors’ products, it is far better.

The 2-Week Bug-Out-Bag contains:

  • Food Insurance certified 2500+ cubic inch heavy duty, water resistant backpack
  • 2-week food supply, 3 meals per day
  • Waterproof matches
  • Cooking tin
  • Reusable heat source
  • 460 (100 gal) use water bottle & filter
  • Approximate dimensions 24″h x 13″w x 8″d



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