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Food Insurance 1-Year Emergency Food Storage – BASIC Supply

Food Insurance 1 Year Basic Supply
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Food Insurance is a manufacturer of freeze dried and dehydrated foods. Everything in the Food Insurance basic or premium food supply packages is made in a USDA certified freeze-drying facility. Food Insurance Basic Supplies contain 1,000 calories per day and provide two meals per day while the Premium Supplies contain 2,000 calories per day and three meals per day. All food packages are formulated according to the guidelines of US recommended daily allowances.

Product Description

Food Insurance and Daily Bread are the same company, so don’t be surprised if you see Daily Bread labeled cans if you purchase from Food Insurance. Although Daily Bread used to be a separate corporate entity, it now serves as the brand for Food Insurance. Food Insurance was purchased by Freeze Dry Foods out of Canada, so the company now manufactures its own food rather than resells others’ food storage.

Food Insurance recently redesigned most of its long-term food storage, and the 1-year Emergency Food Storage – Basic product was created to provide two meals per day / 1,000 calories per day for one adult for one year. (This product is very similar to the Premium 1-Year Product)

This is how we scored the Food Insurance 1-Year Emergency Food Storage – Basic Supply.

Price per calorie

Food Insurance has totally revamped this product to improve the price per calorie. Also, it is worth noting that this package contains quality calories and not just a lot of filler food such as saltine crackers. The 1-Year Food Storage Basic Supply has a total of 365,000 calories. At the non-discounted price of $3,099.99 that equates to 118 calories per dollar, which is quite good considering the nutritional value of the food. Remember that these food packages are created to provide easy-to-understand numbers for consumers. So even though it says it is a one-year food supply for one adult, the reality is it will only last half that long at the traditional 2,000 calorie/day adult diet.


Food Insurance uses a lot of high quality freeze-dried foods from its parent company, Freeze-Dry Foods out of Canada. Many competitors don’t use real meats and dairy products in their food, which drastically reduces the quality and taste. This is one of the best-tasting food storage packages, and you won’t be disappointed with entrees such as lasagna, chicken teriyaki, and pulled pork. In all, there are 34 different food options.

Shelf Life

You simply can’t get better shelf life. All of the foods containing animal products have been freeze dried, which gives them the highest shelf life possible. This stuff will last 30 years before the nutritional content really starts to break down.

Prep Time

It only takes boiling water and 10 minutes to get this food ready to eat. Although you can technically eat it right out of the can, 10 minutes is necessary to unlock the taste and texture. All meals are already prepared so there is no preparation required.


All of Food Insurance’s emergency food comes in #10 cans. Although it’s ideal for keeping out unwanted pests, it doesn’t provide the best use of space. Also, once you have opened a can you only have about a week (depending on humidity) to use it all up. This supply ships in 8 master case boxes–each master case holds up to three smaller boxes for a total of 24 smaller boxes. The total number of #10 cans is 100.

All in all, the Food Insurance 1-Year Emergency Food Storage – Basic Supply for one adult is a solid investment that tastes great. Food Insurance has always provided quality food and has very responsive customer service. If taste is important to you, then this product should be at the top of your list.


This package contains an assortment of:

  • 4 strawberry creamed wheat
  • 5 raspberry and brown sugar oatmeal
  • 4 buttermilk pancakes
  • 4 decadent chocolate protein shake
  • 4 granola
  • 2 breakfast skillet
  • 2 garden vegetable stew
  • 2 creamy vegetables with sausage
  • 2 italian wedding with meatballs
  • 2 chicken teriyaki with noodles
  • 2 macaroni and cheese with beef
  • 2 rotini with beef
  • 2 chicken noodle soup
  • 2 noodles and chicken
  • 2 chicken a la king
  • 2 spaghetti with meat sauce
  • 2 rice with bbq sauce and beef
  • 2 rice and sweet pulled pork
  • 2 lasagna with meat sauce
  • 2 teriyaki rice with beef
  • 2 mexican style rice with chicken
  • 2 rice with chicken tortilla
  • 2 chili with beans and rice
  • 2 fettuccini alfredo with chicken
  • 3 dehydrated diced carrots
  • 5 dehydrated green beans
  • 3 freeze-dried garden green peas
  • 3 dehydrated red & green peppers
  • 3 freeze-dried yellow corn
  • 3 dehydrated celery slices
  • 3 dehydrated spinach flakes
  • 3 freeze-dried green beans
  • 2 freeze-dried mixed vegetables
  • 3 dehydrated potato dices
  • 2 apple drink mix
  • 2 orange drink mix
  • 2 chocolate royale
  • 2 chocolate milk
  • 2 white milk

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Packaging Details

This supply ships in 8 master case boxes, each master case holds up to three smaller boxes for a total of 24 smaller boxes. The food is stored in 100 #10 cans.


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Product Rating/Scores

Total FSR Score:89

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Shelf Life
Price 79
Non-GMO Not Stated
Gluten-Free No
Added MSG Not Stated
Low Sodium Yes
Non-Dairy Partially
Total Calories 365,000

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