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Food For Health – White Rice Bucket (112 Servings)

Food For Health- White Rice Bucket

Product Description

White rice is consumed by about half the population of the world each day. It is a staple that is both filling and provides some of the most basic nutrients needed. The white rice bucket from Food for Health International includes 112 servings that are packaged in 14 individual eight-serving pouches. The benefit to the rice being stored in these packages is that when you open the bucket you aren’t exposing all of the rice to oxygen and the elements.

The bucket is water-proof and easy to stack or move with it’s convenient handle.

As far as emergency food goes, you can’t get much simpler than rice. But, if it comes time to crack open your other emergency food products, you’ll be glad you have this great-tasting staple on hand to compliment your meals.


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