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Pleasant Hill Grain


Hampton, Nebraska

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Whole grains and kitchen tools

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Equipment reseller; whole grain supplier


About Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain is old school in every sense of the word. Their website looks like a vintage mid-90′s production that was a community college student’s class project. But that’s the way they like it, and it has been successful for three generations.

Pleasant Hill started out as a farm that produced bulk whole grains such as wheat, beans, and corn. It has morphed into a reseller of kitchen tools such as Bosch mixers and Vitamix blenders.

There is nothing easy or quick about Pleasant Hill’s food storage solutions. You really need to know how to cook meals using very basic foods and recipes if you want to survive. This is not the place to find “just add water and wait 10 minutes” solutions. Therefore, we do not recommend buying food storage from Pleasant Hill Grain unless you absolutely know what you are doing or you just want to have some basic grains to supplement your food supply.

Our Opinion

In our opinion,  if you are in the market for kitchen tools or whole grains, Pleasant Hill Grain seems like a good way to go. The company literally has every type of juicer, mixer, or blender you can imagine. If you want quick, ready-to-eat food storage solutions then you will want to find another alternative.


    1 out of 5


    Do not buy from Pleasant Hill Grain. I was a first time buyer and will never buy from them again. Customer Service is rude and argumentative. I received product I had purchased in defective containers. When I called the company they informed me that they would send replacements at no charge. One of the replacements received was more defective than the initial purchase. When I called the company, I was told that the replacements were not at no charge and that they would send FedEx to pick them up or I could purchase the additional containers. FedEx arrived 2 days later without notification to retrieve the products. I was also told that I would receive a replacement container and lid with a tool needed to open the container. That has not been received. There are numerous companies that sell the same products that do not require the purchase of an additional tool. Read reviews before you purchase and do not buy from this company.

    5 out of 5


    I have dealt with Pleasant Hill Grains many times and find them to be an excellent vendor. I have several friends that buy from them to and they feel the same way. Pleasant Hill Grains is my “Go To” for grains and tools. I highly recommend.

    5 out of 5


    I’m new to baking and using fresh ground wheat. I’ve been in contact with Pleasant Hills a number of times and customer service and the people I’ve dealt with have been top notch. On my calls to customer service, they’ve spent anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes answering my questions and going into in-depth discussions about my questions and not even trying to sell me anything . I will be buying my products from Pleasant Hills and certainly recommend them.

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Quick Summary

Pleasant Hill Grain sells bulk grains as well as mixers and blenders. This is a great idea if you feel comfortable preparing meals from scratch or if you simply want to supplement your ready-to-eat food storage supply.

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