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Personal Solar Power is Easy With the Humless Sentinel

When it comes to personal solar power there are two main competitors: Humless and Goal Zero. Both are excellent products. Today we are taking a closer look at the Humless Sentinel with Folding Solar Power Kit.

Personal solar power is a term you will hear more and more about as people seek renewable energy sources off the grid. The small size yet powerful features of many of these products make them ideal for emergency preparedness planning.humless-sentinel-folding-solar-kit-300x264

The Humless Sentinel Solar Kit is a great choice for emergencies such as power outage or even for camping. They are safe, reliable, and silent. Best of all, they will hold a charge for a year and only take 8 hours of sunlight to fully charge.

The Food Storage Reviewer is always seeking ways to bring you unbiased reviews of emergency preparedness products as well as lower prices, if possible. Through a partnership with the owners of Humless, we are happy to offer the Humless Sentinel with Folding Solar Power Kit at a substantial discount.

Check out the review and the price here.

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