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Oregon Freeze Dry to Better Promote Mountain House Brand Freeze-Dried Food

Oregon Freeze Dry (makers of the popular Mountain House brand of freeze-dried) has decided to more proactively market its own lines of emergency food. Although it won’t go as far as saying it will no longer sell product to “pure-play” food storage marketing and sales companies, the company has made it clear that it’s time to more aggressively position the Mountain House brand. Where this decision could really show up is during times of high demand (think of the 2011 Japanese tsunami) when many food storage products were on back order. Expect Oregon Freeze Dry to make sure it can fulfill its own brand’s needs first rather than making sure there is inventory for its resellers.mountain house freeze dried food

This decision has a huge impact on companies such as Food Insurance, Daily Bread, and others who have used Mountain House products to increase the value of their own offerings. Many food storage packages consist of some freeze-dried food, which is more expensive, and some dehydrated food, which is much cheaper. Without Mountain House brand freeze-dried food (if it ever comes to that), these companies will have to turn to less appealing solutions.

On the positive side, we hope this means Oregon Freeze Dry will get serious about selling its own products to end consumers. It’s no secret that Mountain House is the best product on the market, and consumers would like to buy easy-to-understand and easy-to-price packages directly from the company rather than through a reseller. Although most resellers offer a competitive deal to consumers, some mark up the price of their packages by 50% because the public honestly doesn’t know any better.

We at Food Storage Reviewer will stay on top of this news and make sure our reviews reflect any changes in the products we review.

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