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New Product: Duck Commander Meals From Food Supply Depot

Food For Health International will soon begin selling a new line of food storage through their Food Supply Depot brand called Duck Commander Meals. Yes, it’s the same guys you see on A&E’s popular Duck Dynasty series, which has taken the nation by storm over the last several years. Our first thought is this is a natural fit considering the Robertson family’s love of the outdoors and belief in self reliance.

Duck Commander Meals

Although the meals are not yet ready for sale (company insiders have told us it should be within the next 30-60 days) they will probably be a proprietary blend of recipes inspired by Willie, Jase, Phil, and Si. It looks like the meals will come in pouches and will probably be similar to original Food Supply Depot and Food For Health International offerings. This is the same company that packages food for Jim Bakker, if you are familiar with that.

duck commander food

The marketing message simply says “After running at full throttle all day, you’re so hungry you could eat just about anything. You call the shots, man—take good aim. Grab any of our satisfying recipes and take command of your hunger. Duck Commander® Meals deliver unbelievable flavor—all you have to do is boil water and stir and you’ll fill up with the long-lasting energy you need. There’s nothing left to say but dig in.”

We’ll let you know as soon as they are ready. And of course, we’ll get you the best price.

Buck Commander Game Processing Equipment

buck commander game processing

The other product coming to market soon is a line of game processing equipment also inspired by the boys of Duck Dynasty. There isn’t much known about these products, but we can say they are a welcome addition to the general food storage/emergency preparedness market. We get asked all the time at FSR about which processing equipment we recommend. We are excited to have another quality product to review.

Fire Rocks Fire Starter and Fuel

Finally, we are very excited about a new line of fire starter called Fire Rocks. As you may know, Food For Health used to resell a product called InstaFire that was really the best product on the market. For whatever reasons, Food For Health has decided to end its relationship with InstaFire and launch its own brand. This product hasn’t yet launched so we can’t do an official review. However, here is what the company is saying about it:


  • Lights in less than a second.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Starts multiple fires with just one pouch.fire rocks fire starter


  • Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet, or snow.
  • Burns at almost 1000° –hot enough to boil water, cook food ro even dry out wet wood.
  • Get charcoal ready to cook in half the time.


  • No harmful chemicals or vapors.
  • Store safely near food–no leaching of smell, taste or chemicals.

It will come in either pouches or in bulk form. Also, one pouch will burn for about 20 minutes at 1,000 degrees. As soon as we can get our hands on it we will do a full review and compare it to InstaFire.


We love to see food storage companies continue to innovate and expand their product lines as well as use smart advertising to get more people to take preparedness seriously. It’s our opinion that getting Glenn Beck to be the spokesman for Food Insurance was the best marketing match the food storage industry had ever seen. However, we are in the process of changing our minds considering how popular Duck Dynasty is with the target market and Food For Health International’s leadership role in food storage and emergency preparedness. This has the potential to really propel the movement forward.

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    We are interested in getting a 6 month supply of foods. Please notify us when it is available and the product and the cost.
    Blessings to all of you. We have so many of your books and products.

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