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Marie Osmond Talks About Wise Food Storage on the Hallmark Channel

Food storage and emergency preparedness companies have long hired radio, television, and entertainment talent to help spread the message of living a “more prepared” life. The first mainstream use of celebrity endorsement in the industry was Food Insurance, aka Daily Bread, using Glenn Beck radio spots. That was a very successful venture and many other companies followed suit, usually staying within the conservative opinion maker genre.

With Wise Food Storage harnessing the power of someone such as Marie Osmond, it may mark a shift in how emergency food and supplies are marketed. Perhaps the industry has shifted away from the firebrand personalities on conservative talk shows to a kinder, gentler, maybe even more mainstream approach. Marie Osmond has a high likeability rating generated by a lifetime living in the public eye, performing in Las Vegas, and fighting a long battle against depression.

Furthermore, women are oftentimes the decision maker when it comes to things like protecting the family. It only makes sense that Wise Company would reach out to a trusted woman to deliver the message.

You can see Marie and Wise Food Storage Company president Brian Neville on the Hallmark Channel at 11 AM central Thursday, July 25th. Wise food is very good, and you can read a review of the company here. Also, if you are ready to purchase, you can get better deals through Foodstoragereviewer than anywhere else on the web. Click here for the store.

2 reviews for Marie Osmond Talks About Wise Food Storage on the Hallmark Channel

  1. blurt8@yahoo.com


    This is a no-brainer……common sense approach to modern reality…..if this tenuous economy falls apart who is going to take care of your family…Obama???……pioneers knew that hardship must be met with individual preparedness and courage….Marie knows this….shouldn’t we?

  2. lwaynemathews@gmail.com


    I had first heard about Wise foods on the Home Shopping Network. My wife and I live in a hurricane prone area, and the last one took out our power for eleven days, and being in the summer it was miserable. Even after this past situation, I still had not given much thought to food supplies. But, then again, I can’t see eating can meat and crackers again. After my first purchase, I continued to build our emergency suppiles, and both of us can get by for about a month now. My advice is to really think about this if in the future you find yourself in a similar situation. Wise foods is a good start, and then you can start to add other items for emergency preparness, such as medical supplies, water, battery powered fans, lighting, and other items you will need. If you do this over a period of time, it won’t break your bank.

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