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LDS General Conference May Bring Out the Food Storage Preppers

It’s fairly well known that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is very interested in its members being both spiritually and temporally prepared. Latter-day Saints (better known by their nickname “Mormons”) are taught to prepare for emergencies by having a supply of food storage, among other things.

Although the suggestion to have an entire year’s worth of food storage is no longer preached, the LDS Church does recommend getting a 3-month supply. And many times, the counsel is simply to “do whatever you can” to get prepared.

This is an important shift because to many people getting an entire year’s supply of food is simply unrealistic or too daunting. By scaling it back it makes people more likely to at least try to get prepared.

Of course, for those who are serious about living this commandment, there are several ways to accomplish it. If you have the means, we recommend finding a three-month supply of freeze-dried or dehydrated food and being done. If you can’t buy it all at once, there are several companies that will allow you to pay as you go or buy food storage in increments.


LDS Church First Presidency

Either way our suggestion is to just “do whatever you can.”

Although we don’t yet know what the Mormon leaders will say during this General Conference, those looking for doom and gloom prophecies will probably be disappointed. As is usually the case, LDS leadership will probably tell the members to keep the commandments, try to become a little better, and do something nice for their neighbors. We will be very surprised if the LDS president tells anyone to run out and get food because the end of the world is coming.


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