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LDS Food Storage Centers Are Changing Their Policies

The LDS church has been at the forefront in making sure its members are not only spiritually prepared but also temporally prepared. In fact, the church has recommended that each member have a three-month supply of items such as food, water, supplies, and even cash.

To help its members, the LDS church has home storage centers where members can purchase bulk foods and even do their own canning. Currently there are about 100 of these facilities across the United States and Canada. But the availability of these home storage centers is now in question after the church made an announcement this week. “Over time, we will be reducing the number of facilities where the packaging of dry goods occurs,” LDS spokeswoman Ruth Todd said Monday. However, she added, the church’s “home storage centers will offer the same or additional commodities in pre-packaged form, at no additional cost.”

To clarify the comment she added, “The church is not closing canneries and is not limiting the variety of goods available to church members. The only thing being reduced over time is the number of locations at which members can purchase bulk food and can it themselves onsite.”

So it seems the LDS church is consolidating its home storage centers but will still make sure there is no decrease in supply. If you have been using one of these centers you may want to head there one more time before it closes. The good news is the church is probably going to make it easier for members to get food storage items through other means–maybe even online.

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  1. Drielok@gmail.com


    That’s too bad. I was hoping they would make these available to non members in an effort to establish some sense of community with other Christians. These centers sound like a great way for them to share their ministry.

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