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Labor Day Marks the End and the Beginning

Labor Day is bittersweet because it marks the end of summer but also the beginning of the football season. It’s a decent tradeoff, but I am still not thrilled about ever-colder weather and shorter days.

The history of Labor Day is rooted in the American Labor Movement, and was originally a day marked by civic speeches, parades, and general reflection on the greatness of America’s production prowess. Amazingly enough, the first Labor Day was celebrated all the way back in 1882.

Over the years, much of the original meaning has been forgotten let alone celebrated. Now it’s a time for firing up the barbecue and watching college football. If you can do it with family and friends, then all the better.

As you celebrate a day off from work, take a minute to think about those who have paved the way for America’s success. The economy isn’t great right now, but the ingenuity, intelligence, and hard work of everyday Americans will get us going again. And that’s something truly worth celebrating.


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