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What to Know Before You Buy Jim Bakker Morningside Gourmet Meals Time of Trouble

Earlier this year we posted about Jim Bakker and his emergency food offerings (Five Things You Should Know About Jim Bakker Food). Recently, we have seen a new line of products from Jim called Morningside Gourmet Meals. These meals come in square green totes in increments of one, two, and seven years. Here is what you need to know before you purchase, or “donate” one of these products.

It’s Still Food For Health International Emergency Food

Food For Health International (read review) is still the supplier for Jim Bakker. In the past, Food For Health just repackaged meals from its popular Emergency Food Supply 200 Serving Buckets. Now, Food For Health has made some new recipes and packaged the food in the green totes that used to be the hallmark of eFoods Direct. Food For Health purchased eFoods Direct last year.

Food For Health is a very reputable company, and is becoming one of the largest suppliers of emergency food and survival products in the world. The company built a brand-new food processing facility in West Valley, Utah, last year and is aggressively taking market share from competitors.

Watch Out For the Old “Servings Rather Than Calories” Game

The main issue we have with Jim Bakker food supplies is the lack of transparency when it comes to telling the consumer how many calories are in the package. The packages all talk about servings, and cost per serving. We really don’t care about that because too many unscrupulous vendors in the past simply made really small pouches and called them servings. Some servings only had 100-200 calories — hardly enough for a meal or to sustain a human being for a long period of time. That’s why at Food Storage Reviewer we try to give a total number of calories and a “calories per dollar” metric when available.

Our attempts at reaching Jim Bakker operations were futile so we are left to calculate how much food is in a package based on the little information they do give us. Let’s take a closer look at the 7-Year package.

Morningside Seven Year Time of Trouble Totes

The quick overview states you get (14) green totes each full of 550 servings for a total of 7,700 servings. Since we don’t know how many calories that is, let’s do a simple math exercise to see “how big” each serving would be.

  1. Each tote’s dimensions are: 22″ x 12.75″ x 15″. That equals 4,207 cubic inches per tote. Since those are external measurements, let’s round down to 4,000 cubic interior inches.
  2. Multiply by (14) totes = 56,000 cubic inches.
  3. Divide 56,000 cubic inches by 7,700 servings = 7.27 cubic inches per serving. And that’s if each tote is completely full, which is rarely the case.

Each Jim Bakker serving is less than three times smaller than a Rubik’s Cube.

So what does 7.27 cubic inches look like? That’s a little less than a 2″ x 2″ x 2″ cube. For comparison, a Rubik’s cube is 3″ x 3″ x 3″ or 27 cubic inches. That’s right, a Rubik’s cube has over three times the volume of one of these so called servings. Of course, you have to add water to all these meals, but water has zero calories.

I am pretty confident saying each of these servings is less than 200 calories and probably less than 100 calories. But, I would love to be proven wrong, so I call on Jim Bakker to publish the calorie count on all the packages he sells.

 Shipping is Expensive

Jim Bakker is still charing $780 flat rate shipping for anywhere in the United States. That’s really expensive and far more than what it would normally cost for FedEx or UPS ground. I have heard that most of this money is being donated to charity, so that’s at least a little redeeming.

Most other food storage providers offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

Who is John Shorey?

Jim Bakker was using a guy named John Shorey to market these food packages. A quick internet search shows John Shorey is somewhat of a guest preacher on the Jim Bakker television show and an expert on biblical prophecy. There is a fascinating read here where John uses the Bible to predict end-of-work scenarios.

John Shorey ¬†has also published a book, “The Window of the Lord’s Return,” which seeks to pinpoint the exact day of the Second Coming.

Are There Other Options Besides Buying Food From Jim Bakker?

Absolutely. The best option to most closely match what is included in the Morningside Gourmet Meals, without the excessive cost, is the Food For Health 1,000 serving bucket. You can buy them from us for only $524.75. The package comes in 5 buckets and contains 132,500 calories.

Food For Health - 1,000 ServingAt 253 calories per dollar it gets a 90 out of 100 in the Price Category. Overall, this product scores 87 out of 100 making it one of the best options for food storage (read the full review here). And, if you are planning for multiple people just go ahead and buy a few more packages.

Efoods Direct - 1 Year Food SupplyAnd if green totes are your thing, that’s eFoods signature. We’ve reviewed their 1-Year Food Supply that ships in 8 green totes and has a good 193 calories per dollar grade, giving it a score of 83 out of 100 in the Price Category. Read the full review here.

In conclusion, we salute all those who are helping spread the good word of preparedness. However, we believe in full disclosure, and we don’t think the Jim Bakker Morningside Gourmet Meals are as good of a deal as they are made out to be.

20 reviews for What to Know Before You Buy Jim Bakker Morningside Gourmet Meals Time of Trouble

  1. vikkis@shentel.net


    You fail to mention.. John shoreys book I believe says between 2014 – 2018.. or 16.. he does not specify when! the bible says no man will know the day nor the hour! it does say, we would know by things happening… look up our time draws near…. which I take his book as saying look up our time draws near….

  2. carolynkaychoi@gmail.com


    Thank you for reviewing this scam. It seems that there are a lot of food storage scams. I appreciate your unbiased reviews.

  3. Alimichelle76@gmail.com


    Thank you for sharing. We want to be prepared but there’s no way we can afford MS 7 yr plan X 3. And as a diabetic I must have the nutritional information for each serving. With the first American dying of Ebola today, 10/8/14, we must be prepared to stay at home for an extended period of time. If anyone knows the expiration date of this product, please reply.

    • brocktrw@gmail.com


      Alicia, this is certainly a lot of money. Good news is there are other less expensive food storage products in the market. I’d invite you to take a look at the various products and companies we review on this site to find something that fits your budget better. And remember, it’s not how many “buckets” or “servings” that you’re getting that matters; it’s how many calories per dollar do you get. The products on this page are ranked as the best price per calorie food storage: http://www.foodstoragereviewer.com/product-reviews/?pc=food&filter=price

      We appreciate that Jim Bakker is helping people get prepared, but we are concerned at the company’s lack of transparency with many of their products. This product line is no different. As such, we’re not certain of the exact contents or its shelf life. What we have learned is that the food is supplied by Food For Health International, who we have a very high opinion of, and their food typically has a shelf life of 20 years.

      If any of our readers have learned more details about the Time of Trouble package, including its shelf life, we’d love to hear from you.

  4. Garyruehling@yahoo.com


    maybe if Jim preach the gospel you would need his bucket offer.but then again Jim doesn’t know what the gospel isso there’s going to be a lot of unsafe people eating his eggs

  5. ridgemate1103@yahoo.com


    i have been trying to find out how big the servings are after re hydration for MS foods and cannot, When I call I am told to check the web site….still no information.. Is a serving 1/2 cup or 1cup – neither is enough to be a meal…. The foods shown on the Jim Bakker show look like large servings and beautiful. I dehydrate a lot of food and when re- hydrated are not as bright in color as before dehydrated…..
    Instead of buying foods that are dehydrated for future use……buy a dehydrator w/heat settings, do your own. You can even dry frozen foods. Put in quart jars . For Long term use use a vacuum seal. To keep flour and dry grains, cereal, rolled oats,etc from getting bugs put dried hot peppers in w/the flour, etc. I have flour that is 5 yrs old and still fresh, no sign of any bugs, etc. Try to get unbleached flour, it is a healthier flour Try to put foods in glass or metal containers. If using plastic use food grade or leave the food in the original paper.

    • shelby@foodstoragereviewer.com



      Sorry for the trouble you’ve had with this. Dehydrating your own food is always a great option. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  6. michaelgrowcob1@hotmail.com


    he also tells people to use the meals as barter for trading for items that you will need besides food and to grow a garden of vegitables to add to your meals. when they do hold up a package of food on the show which is not very often they do look small.

  7. opalherfurth@gmail.com


    You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee. Jim Bakker and John Shorey are for real. Every Scripture they give is true. Read the Word. It’s coming and fast. Be prepared especially in your hearts. You need to be prepared and ready. Yes, Jim is for real, we need to listen. Don’t judge others until you know the truth. Judge not lest you be not judged yourselves. The food packets are not that small. I have some samples and have tried them. Better than any other food. Wise foods are smaller than these.Most of the packets have a 20-25 shelf life. Jim Stay safe everyone. prayers is also a diabetic and this has been approved by doctors, such as Dr. Oz on television.

  8. tricountymed@gmail.com


    71 days and still waiting. We ordered 2 egg buckets on June 25 2015, and we’re still waiting. However our credit card was billed 1 day later on June 26. Just got off the phone with them, and they gave me the potty dance about the reasons for the delay. I’ll now contact my c/c company, to see when is the latest date for me to contest this chg.

  9. dterelli@yahoo.com


    Jim Baker and John Shorey are for real? What happened to the great Shemita crisis? Is johnathan Kahn for real? Look up the definition of “false prophet ” in your bible.

  10. wemekalinos@gmail.com


    What are the poor and Seniors, who can’t afford these thingssupposed to do ? I’m just curious. Is this a way to get rid of them like the government would like to do? I don’t believe that is Gods plan for us. The meals are not for Diabetics or people with cholesterol etc.

  11. sjw4jc@embarqmail.com


    As the article states, this food is quality and made by a reputable company. Instead of listening to naysayers just get some food stored and give some away. Just like Jim Bakker recommends. Yes, a small portion will go to support the work. They have a limited staff and are working to get orders out. The popularity and demand of this food is why it’s taking a while to get orders fulfilled. As for transparency, they would need to hire extra staff just to answer the good folks who can’t wait. I see no problems with them. I have looked at them up close and very personal. Their advice is excellent. Buy some for yourselves and get extra for your favorite charity or food pantry. If you end up needing it in the next 20 years you will be grateful and consider it a bargain. Disclaimer: I am not an employee or volunteer and not associated with Jim Bakker or Morningside other than I visited them once to see a live taping of one of their shows. I live in the upper midwest and would like to get my hands on a lot more of this food. I also sampled these products and was totally satisfied and so is my family.

  12. jacklgrayjr@gmail.com


    One should be aware that a “serving” is not a meal – far from it! . A serving package is around 100 calories. So, if you think you can live on 300 to 400 calories a day (three servings) – you are mistaken. Look at the chart below and you will see that 300 to 400 calories a day will not even keep a child of 2-3 years properly nourished. How many of you think that a serving was the same as a meal? I would wager the vast majority of viewers. So, why don’t the Bakkers tell you it’s not a meal? Why do they insinuate that you can survive for 10 years on their three servings per day? If you rationed that out you would literally starve to death.

    Child 2-3 (1,000 – 1,400 Calories)

    Female 4-8 years (1,200 -1,800 calories)
    Female 9-13 years (1,600 – 2,200 calories)
    Female 14-18 years (1,800 – 2,400 calories)
    Female 19-30 years (2,000 – 2,400 calories)
    Female 31-50 years (1,800 -2,200 calories)
    Female 51+ years (1,600 – 2,200 calories)

    Male 4-8 years (1,400 – 2,000 calories)
    Male 9-13 years (1,800 – 2,600 calories)
    Male 14-18 years (2,200 – 3,200 calories)
    Male 19-30 years (2,400 – 3,000 calories)
    Male 31-50 years (2,200 – 3,000 calories)
    Male 51+ years (2,000 – 2,800 calories)

    So, I ask you why does each elderly generation, think it is the end of times? Do you remember your parents saying the same message? What about your grand parents – they too said the same. What about your great great grandparents? Yes – they too said the same.

    Why does the elderly think its the end of times and seem to want to deny the young generation a chance to live and flourish (sounds very selfish to me)? A hundred years from now, your great great great great great grandchildren will be saying in the year 2115 that again it is the end of times.

    If you are a Christian, give to your local church that helps your community. If you need to buy 25 year shelf rations – go to Costco or SAMS club – it’s better food and costs a lot less. Stay away from the TV charlatans with no financial accountability. They give nothing back to the community and are only lining their pockets and their families pockets with your hard earned money.

    Did it ever occur to you that Jim Bakker is only catering to middle and upper middle class Christians? What about the poor? Has Jesus abandon them?

    Unlike Bakker, a true Christian minister is one of piety. Here is an example of what I’m referring to – a village church that ministers to its flock, aids the community, refrains from politics, and from what I can discern – ministers that actually practice and live the word of Christ . wellsburgcommunitychurch.com

    As Christ said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Keep politics out of the church. For once politics premeates the Church, it is no longer a house of God.

  13. fred@talamofoods.com


    just received my 7 year food supply looks very small calorie count to small per package
    this appears to be somewhat deceiving
    who can you trust these days ?

  14. skkramer@netzero.net


    Costco lists calories per container. They are by far cheaper than Mr. Bakker’s offering, some of them by the same manufacturer. Costco also includes shipping.

  15. karensuerandall@gmail.com


    Jim Bakker’s food is about half price of what others are. l have tried food from other companies and they all taste about the same. none of them is like home cooking. yes the calories are not enough and each bag that is suppose to serve 5 will really only serve about 2 adults. one cup is just not enough, the other companies are about the same, they claim one cup is a serving too. l will give Jim Bakker a thumbs up for what he is doing.

  16. crazyhorse.p888@gmail.com


    How in heaven do you preserve this food? I’d need giant freezers wouldn’t I. This can’t be sanitary. I open a 25 gallon tub of soup. I don’t eat that much soup, so where do I put the stuff until my next meal, or maybe I won’t need a next meal for the Lord is coming, and then, why would I need all that soup anyway. So I am going to reconsider purchase. Seems crazy to me.

  17. rac6167@att.net


    The best tasting is Mountain House. The worst is Wise. As for Bakker, I do NOT trust him from his past or from what I read today. He was a crook, he is a crook, and will always be a crook; my opinion. Research and decide for yourself. He has too many “schemes” for me. Selling condos again in Blue Eye, MO. Now has an unaccredited college too. Associates don’t act Christian, barely legal; maybe not.

  18. conniescravens@comcast.net


    Jim Bakker is trying to get people ready for the bad times that are at hand. He sells food that he thinks is the best. That is his own opinion. He is not trying to scam anyone. He honestly has a heavy heart for what is coming. You only have to read the Bible to know he is right. Yes our grandfathers had the fear of the end times. But certain prophecy had to pass before the end would be near, and most of it has come to pass in my lifetime. Please, instead of finding fault with trivial things, pray that the Lord will be merciful to all. Research E.M.P. The government thinks this is the threat we need to worry about the most. The thing to do is stock up on food where you can afford. Stock up water, medical supplies and daily items. These are things that you can use for any emergency. The most important thing is to be ready for the Lord will come soon.

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