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Zurich, Switzerland

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Water filters and emergency products

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Original manufacturer


About Katadyn

Katadyn is the world’s number one manufacturer of portable water purification products, with a worldwide market share exceeding 50 percent. The Katadyn Group is further diversified in the outdoor market with the two brands Trek’n Eat and Optimus. And recently, Katadyn entered the emergency food market with the purchase of AlpineAire Foods.

The company was started after an invention by a German scientist in the 1930’s. It soon moved its headquarters to Switzerland and started producing ceramic filters. Today the Katadyn group has a global presence and is by far the largest producer of water purification and desalination products.

Katadyn specializes in ceramic filters that can be used and cleaned multiple times without losing their filtering ability. The Katadyn pocket filter is ubiquitous among the outdoor crowd and has a 20-year warranty. Katadyn has two types of water filtration products: gravity fed and “pump.” Pump filters are great when you want to stick the hose directly into the water source and force it through the filtration apparatus. Gravity fed filters are perfect for pouring water into the filter and letting the force of gravity separate contaminants.

Also, Katadyn sells its products online and through retailers. Although not always the case, you can usually get it cheaper through a reseller.


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Quick Summary

Katadyn is the largest and oldest producer of portable water filtration products in the world. Katadyn’s products are found all over the globe and have one of the strongest warranties.

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