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Jimmer Fredette Endorses Food Insurance

I’ll have to admit, this one has me scratching my head.

We here at the foodstoragereviewer.com are always in favor of spreading the message about emergency preparedness and food storage in particular. In fact, we are in favor of anything that will get people off the couch and get them to start doing tangible things to get prepared. It’s just slightly humorous that this message would be shared by an NBA basketball player who is currently riding the bench.

jimmer fredette food insuranceObviously, foodinsurance.com and its sister company Daily Bread are trying to make a play for Mormons who are absolutely in love with “The Jimmer.” Jimmer Fredette could probably run for Governor in the state of Utah and make it a respectable contest. So I get the angle of using a popular figure in Mormon circles to spread the gospel of emergency food storage.

But does anyone really think Jimmer has thought twice about food storage? Let’s see, he is a 23-year old NBA player making millions of dollars, and we are supposed to believe he cares about which food storage brand is the best? I have my doubts. At least when foodinsurance.com uses Glenn Beck there is a genuine connection between the product and Glenn’s “anti-government dependency” crusade.

Whatever the case, we are happy Food Insurance continues to spend money on food storage advertising. So sit down on the couch, watch some March Madness, and buy some food storage.


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